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    Tojo: Oh, somebody's in a mood, huh? If you want, we can do a quick check on the pass in the morning. That all right?
    Valmet: Fine by me.
    a place [that charger]=that charger= cells.
    Valmet: Yeah, the spot isn't so bad... Kind of nice. Sleeping under the stars.
    Pollack: You want to contact HCLI headquarters.
    My entire plan is in shambles because you were getting annoyed.
    That trigger-happy bitch! Let me see the map.
    Mildo: Nothing fazes him for long. I like that in a boss.
    Soldier: Who the hell are you talking to?
    Koko: I’m confirming with HQ where we’re supposed to pick up the goods.
    Valmet: What should we do with them?
    Koko: Nothing === for now.
    Koko: Tie them up. Good. Oh, and gag that one. He pisses me off a lot!
    Koko: It’s about time. I was freaking worried.
    Valmet: I was worried about you too, Koko.
    Valmet: (Oh! I can die happy right now!)
    Koko: OK. We got everyone. Let's get moving!
    Valmet: (Oops, nosebleed.)
    Lehm: Well, look what we got here. Put it down, Lu.
    Hey, it's just our friends from CCAT. It's all good. We’re clear for entering.
    Lu: No, actually it’s not all good.
    Koko: Well, Mr. Curry, fancy running into you here. Quite a coincidence.
    Thought you'd be well on your way back to Jolly Old England by now.
    Mildo: Been a while yeah?
    Valmet: I guess.
    Mildo: Do you have any idea of fascinating I find you, I mean, one eyed woman soldier?
    Just the thought of you fighting is that enough makes ===. What do you say you want to have a go?
    Valmet: I think I'm going to pass. So sorry.
    Mildo: Mr. Curry!
    Curry: Shut up! You've done enough already. Just sit still.
    Mildo: I don’t know ahh.
    Curry: Did you kill the guard dogs that major sent with you?
    Koko: No. Tying them up with sufficient enough.
    Curry: Well, that stupid woman killed ours. Once he knows, he's likely to send guys after us.
    Koko: More than likely.
    Curry: Why don't we send out a couple of scouts to be safe.
    Koko: I’m so sorry, Valmet. Do you mind?
    Valmet: No probe.

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