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  1. msg 86 it. message posted 86 it. 86 = get rid of Did you eat a weird fruit and now you sink? : Homage to the 'One Piece' 普通、分からない…
    86 it.
    86 = get rid of
    Did you eat a weird fruit and now you sink? : Homage to the 'One Piece'
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  2. page Eureka Seven AO episode 09 enemy below edited Man: What are you talking about, man? Man: She's totally into you. MOF officer: I don't know i…

    Man: What are you talking about, man?
    Man: She's totally into you.
    MOF officer: I don't know if your tenacity is accredited, Nakamura? You're avid to get us the Mark I four months ago, and ended in abject failure. The entire IFO defense project has set be scrapped.
    Nakamura: We've been marginalized at the world stage for long enough and our dealing with the allied nations could go sour at any time. If we can get our hands on something this powerful Japan could emerge from the doldrums as a modern juggernaut.
    MOF officer: Maybe so. But on the other hand Japan has only made it this far because we've avoided your brunt of military posturing. Stirring things up like that just makes the people nervous. Not mention that it's a PR nightmare. You need keep in mind that anything Scub related is going to be in extremely hard sell to your fellow Japanese.
    Nakamura: I'm trying to fix our nation and the Ministry of Finance can't be bother to help? Sir, it will work.
    Minister of Finance: Please get out of the car.
    Special Intelligent officer A: So, they didn't go for it. If they have their way nothing around here will ever change.
    Nakamura: I'm thinking about future. Why the hell can't they see that? So be it. The cowards can rubber-stamp on it after we succeed in our goal. I'm forwarding you the data that the Firecracker people sent me. Here it comes.
    Special Intelligent officer A: Are you positive we can trust this information? I mean, they are cyber terrorists, aren't they? Getting into a bed with people like this, it just seems risky, that's all.
    Special Intelligent B: They probably just feel sorry for Japan. We were put under a global intelligence blockade. You should be glad they're giving us a leg up.
    Special Intelligent officer A: This is the intel the US military's been stonewalling us on forever. How they get it?
    Nakamura: I don't know, and honestly I don't care. We need to make the most at this moment for the sake of Japan. This may be the only chance our generation gets.
    Ao: Come on. It's time to get training. You been slacking off for long enough.
    Fleur: This is more fun than running maneuvers. Come on in. The water's fine.
    Ao: Huh. Laps in the pool aren't going to help me fly better.
    Fleur: Alright. A thousand podiums. I forgot someone's has to hurry to rescue his girlfriend.
    Ao: Naru is not my girlfriend, okay?
    Fleur: Of course. My mistake.
    Elena: What do you got against pools, Ao?
    Elena: Did you eat a weird fruit and now you sink?
    Ao: What are you talking about?
    Fleur: Scandalous. So you don't know how to swim? Well, if I ever catch you drowning, you're on your own.
    Ao: Huh. Get real. I've been swimming since I was a kid.
    Blanc: We've just got heads-up from someone in Japan's Ministry of Self Defense.
    Stanley: You have folks in the Japanese government. Gotta admit I'm impressed. There's no way of knowing that it'll actually work. But it seems they intend to run an experiment to artificially create a Scub Burst. We can't allow Japan to have a Coral Plant. Maintaining global equilibrium dictates that we prevent that by any means possible
    Blanc: Enter team Pied Piper, our company's wunderkind when it comes to getting the job done.
    Ivica: I assume that means you're ordering us to go in the area and take out the Quartz on the sly.
    Blanc: Please Ivica. Why would you put words in my mouth like that?
    Ivica: What?
    Rebecka: Hurry up, kids.
    Blanc: Well, that's the long and the short of it at least. I'll instruct that more than capable on-site staff to pass along of details.
    Ivica: I understand.
    Gazelle: I figured that she decides you know, ha, ha, ha. Yeah so my Mom got re-married some Swiss guy. Being around all that Swiss gave me this weird kind of Okinawan accents, see?
    So this is Japan, huh... To think, an Okinawan like me would have to come by way of Switzerland and just get in here.
    Han: The customs’ agents are dinosaurs. It felt like I was in a museum. What do we do now?
    Gazelle: Now we get our asses on the train. Time to get our Shinkansen on.
    Gazelle: I guess Tokyo used to be on the other side of that thing back in the day.
    Han: Yeah, that Scub Burst 70 years ago was a knockout punch to oppose toward Japan's rebuilding in recovery efforts like things went bad before.
    Operator of SDF: Light emission confirmed. Water temperature's begun to rise. The broken Quartz seem to be beginning to diffuse.
    SDF brass: Good! The reactivation has been success. This is a momentous day. Japan will finally have a Coral Plant.
    Special Intelligent officer A: With all due respect, sir. This is just the first part of the operation.
    SDF brass: Hmm?
    Nakamura: I believe he's trying to tell you that the fun is not over.
    Pippo: They're all saying that the test was a big success.
    Operator of GB: Light emission confirmed. It matches the spectrum signature of Quartz.
    Stanley: Has the Scub manifested yet?
    Blanc: Patch me through the team Pied Piper now.
    Fleur: Round and round you go, Nora.
    Ao: Hey, Rebecka.
    Ao: How long do we have to sit out here doing nothing?
    Rebecka: You'll sit until we'll give you the green light. You'll approach by sea when a time comes. So waiting there make sense.
    Georg: Rebecka failed to mention that we are on the very edge of the Japan's territory of waters. This is as close as we can be without its armed force is engaging us. The submarine is patrolling their waters unlikely...
    Ivica: Anyway. Looks like their eggheads pulled off the test. It just made a Scub Burst so... get ready.
    Ao: Secret incoming, chief.
    SDF brass: What the hell with that?
    Operator of SDF: That's the Secret manifesting. Down in the water near the test site.
    Special Intelligent A: Remain calm. We will now commence with capturing the Secret. Check all the equipment in the test site.
    SDF brass: What? Are you mad?
    Nakamura: Why should I need to be filled by IFOs when the weapon is carried by the Secrets themselves? Hack so much for the punch. Not to worry. It'll hit straight at the Coral just like always. We'll be perfectly safe here and I'm convinced...
    Operator of SDF: That causes us taking extensive damages to our hold. Your Secret is just toward the hell out of it.
    Gazelle: So, eh, fellas. I think that thing's ignoring the bait.
    Georg: Your field of this mission will be the southern section of Tokyo Bay near the submarine canyon that connect to the Sagami trough. The waters in Tokyo Bay are generally no deeper than 20 meters. But this mission will take you to the depth far exceeding ??? At time you'll be maneuvering 500 meters below the surface the water pressure at such depth could possibly damage portions of your IFO. Beginning with the outage trouble isn't working inward to the frame. Your IFOs should be kept the flight configurations until such time as the environmental condition’s not longer prove injurious. Then you may switch to their humanoid configurations for ???
    Ivica: In another words, don't transform too soon. Go your craft [improve].
    Fleur: You gotta be kidding me.
    Elena: I hope this Secret's ??? enough to sit back and let us get ready to fight.
    Ao: I don't get it, Chief.
    Ao: If underwater is so dangerous why don't we just surface and fight with Secret up there?
    Rebecka: You eliminating the Secret is not objective of this operation. You'll be dealing directly with the Scub.
    Ao: Huh?
    Ivica: Getting the Quartz out of the Scub is priority number one. The Secret is racing hell towards the JAF base right now. Which helps us out. You'll slip in right to the Scub Coral's void of a current and 86 it. And it's simply a matter of grabbing the Quartz, and returning to headquarters.
    Fleur: Roger that, Chief.
    Ao: So what is this Quartz thing anyway?
    Rebecka: A crystal found to every Scub. There's the reason the Secrets make a beeline for the Coral.
    Han: Is that the stuff we're transporting when everything went to hell?
    Gazelle: Yeah. The Secret goes for the Quartz like a bloodhound. At least that's what Generation Bleu guys think anyway. And all that Quartz they take, it's sitting pretty inside some closet back at headquarters.
    Han: But why would they keep it?
    Gazelle: Damn it if I know.
    Ao: Wait. Are you telling me correcting the Quartz has been Generation Bleu's top priority and all of the mission has been running?
    Ivica: It's our top priority now. Look. Japan's playing with fire with inexperience. We got in the primal and best Scub for the greater goal.
    Ao: What about saving people?
    Rebecka: Once the treat you have retrieved Quartz, the Scub Burst is stabilized.
    Rebecka: The faster you do that, the fewer casualties.
    Ao: Oh, how caring of you.
    Fleur: Ao, don't we so brunt. They've all forgotten the reason real people are talking about you.
    Elena: Yep, yep. War is hard business, guys.
    Rebecka: Look. We can't look at Japanese get their hands on home good source of trapar. As a native Okinawan I even think you'll understand up fact better than anyone.
    Ao: People are dying, damn it! I don't care if they're Japanese or Okinawan or what! I'm not gonna sit back in what.
    Rebecka: Ao! Back in formation.
    Ivica: Alleluia and Kyrie, you're both still on Quartz retrieval.
    Fleur: Roger that, Chief. We're on it.
    Gazelle: Oh, oh, forget it, far beyond. Far away. That's been [burglar] to base while everybody there is all destructed.
    Han: That's a great idea, really, man. But don't kill us on the way.
    Pippo: Um... Uh!
    Gazelle: ??? face cars are geezers'
    Gazelle: [else] anybody drive [all].
    Ao: Explosion at the port. Of course. The Secret must be down in the water over there!
    Nakamura: Son of a! That was the Mark I that flew by! What's going on? Why did you stop?!
    Truth: Not spread hairs. But that was my Nirvash.
    Nakamura: Who... are you?
    Truth: You employ my intel to good effect. I'm very grateful.
    Nakamura: So you're my contact in Fire Cracker?
    Truth: Call me Truth. I insist.
    Gazelle: Stupid ground cars. It's killing me. You're the guy who blew up the jar. It's crazy crap going on. You did all this, huh?
    Fleur: Hey Chief. This isn't Scub Coral.
    Ivica: It's damaged Quartz.
    Rebecka: How they get their hands so much of it? And what's that light it's giving off?
    Georg: The fragments have been reactivated. Damaged Quartz comprises the empty shell of a Scub Burst. Given me among scene here and designed it in Japan, one can assume. This is one what made…
    Blanc: This is what remains the post world Burst from 70 years ago.
    Truth: If you gather enough damaged Quartz in one place, the results are... explosive. I hope that the Secret will manifest to kick off the festivities. Mission accomplished.
    Gazelle: So, your game's fake Quartz. Then all along... It was you!
    Ao: Where did it go? It caught, dammit!This is bad! Water pressure will crush Nirvash for the chip now. I lost it. Show yourself, sneaky bastard.
    Fleur: Next turn, just asking for help.
    Ao: Fair enough. Fleur! Okay. How do you track this feint? That's it? Now I get it.
    Fleur: What are you doing, Ao?!
    Elena: Do it for? Wait a Secret?
    Ao: Bring it!
    How ??? I'm so going to die? Not like this.
    Elena: So much for that tough target to the pool about running drown.
    Fleur: I forgot.
    Gazelle: Answer me! Were you the person who hired us to transport that stuff?
    Truth: You demand the truth as me but you can't even see it.
    Gazelle: The hell I can't.
    Truth: The truth reviews itself only to those who are courageous enough to embrace it.
    Fleur: Hey, how did you know the Secret was drown to the trapar as IFOs?
    Ao: I just saw it.
    Elena: What was it like your sight? Did you appear like a superpower or what? That is so cool.
    Elena: It's like your eyes are magical.
    Ao: I tried to see an answer and... then I did. I can't really put it into words.
    Minister of Finance: I trust you've learned your lesson. Japan has no need for your brunt of military recklessness. We may be poor. At least it still are one piece.
    Nakamura: You again. Whose side you are? Are you for me or against me?
    Truth: Why contagious yourself for changing this country? Why answer small?
    Truth: When the truth of the matter [is there's] whole planet out there.
    Ao: To be continued!
    Rebecka: Next time on Eureka Seven AO.
    Mankind makes a choice in the canyons of America. One affronts a dire evolution in the Secrets and meets too much shedding in a supply. With their back against the wall, will Ao and others be able to rise to the occasion?
    Eureka Seven AO, episode ten: A Pied Piper Canyon.
    Hear the cry of the children of the stars.

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  3. page Eureka Seven - エウレカセブン edited ... No 9 Eureka Seven AO episode 09 enemy below|イン・ザ・ダーク・ウィー・リヴ(enemy below) イン・ザ・ダーク・ウィー・リヴ(e…
    Eureka Seven AO episode 09 enemy below|イン・ザ・ダーク・ウィー・リヴ(enemy below)イン・ザ・ダーク・ウィー・リヴ(enemy below)
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  4. page Royal Space Force transcript edited ... I’m sorry, colonel. I really to disturb you, you see, my wife and I are really big fans of you…
    I’m sorry, colonel. I really to disturb you, you see, my wife and I are really big fans of you.
    your names?
    Tomaashi and Ria Treen sir. It’s like a dream, sir.
    Tips here, sir, Limada military convoys are traveling north.
    The next report will be at noon.
    Look at this. The damn bustards are moving.
    They sure are. And I bet new jets with them.
    You’re correct.
    I want this information squeezed for all its word, then luck is on our side.
    We might be able to figure out where their in-air refueling site will be in.
    Hello, to everyone in the world.
    This is Cornel Shirotsugh Lhadatt I’m speaking to you from space.
    I’m currently in orbit flying 200 rens above the world and I…, what I…
    Get it right. “and what I see now is”
    Oh, hell, I give up!
    And what I see now is, ah, tanks! Everywhere!
    Open your eyes, you damn idiot, they’re fakes.
    All around us there’s nothing but fakes. Whoa! Soar with me on the biggest fake of all.
    You know, on paper it didn't look so big.
    Ideas grow, sometimes bigger than life.
    Yo, Shiro, I gotta real bargain for you, if you want it. Third stage never used.

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