Felix: We have another victim.
Hello, Charl. You two were in town together?

Charlotte: Oh, yes.

- - - OP - - -

Raishin: I remember her. From before, from the fight.

Felix: My dear. You seem to have a keen interest in this case.
However I think it would be best if you were to stay away from it going forward.

Charlotte: But...!

Felix: Please leave it to the disciplinary board.
Also, I see with whom your heart lies. Well, I am disappointed.
I shan't interfere. You've made your decision.
And it was in Raishin's favor. I shall respect your choice.

Charlotte: It isn't like that!

Felix: Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do. And I think I should not see you for a while.

Raishin: Charl! What the hell was that about?!

Felix: Harsh, I know. But I had to be. Otherwise she will keep risking her own safety. Understand?

Raishin: I guess. But that doesn't mean I like to see her hurt!

Felix: I shall endeavor to make it up to her when this is over.

Yaya: Yaya's love has returned after a long day! Welcome home!
Great timing, too! Supper is ready and waiting! Come see, Yaya has outdone herself!

Raishin: I think I'm missing something here.

Yaya: Don't be silly, Raishin. Come to the table.

Raishin: Something's bothering you?!

Yaya: Not at all. Yaya is fine. No need to worry about her.

Raishin: I was thoughtless. I cannot apologize enough.

Yaya: That was so cruel. You know quite well how Yaya feels.
Do you know how much that hurt, Raishin?

Raishin: I'm so sorry. Please don't cry.

Yaya: Okay.

Raishin: Almost forgot. I brought back a little present for you.

Yaya: Present for Yaya?

Raishin: Yep. I noticed yours were looking a little worse for wear. I figured these might hold up better.

Yaya: Perfect fit!

Raishin: That other thing, Yaya.

Yaya: What's that?

Raishin: As far as Charl goes, I don't have feelings for her.

Yaya: Of course you don't.

Raishin: She is nice. And I consider her a friend.
But to be honest, I really just don't go for girls who pad their brassieres.

Yaya: Who does?

Raishin: I prefer more curves! Bountiful goddess-like cleavage like Shoko's.

Yaya: Totally reasonable. Shoko again... It's always Shoko! I am so sick of Shoko!

Raishin: You're missing the point, Yaya! I had my own reasons for going out with Charl, I wanted to confirm something!
What distinguishes Cannibal Candy is the wound it leaves behind, like a half-melted chocolate bar.
It's very distinctive. Sigmund's magic is light-based. It could produce that kind of effect.
But if I went out with Charl, took her away from the academy, and Cannibal Candy made a move...

Yaya: Then she'd have a solid alibi.

Raishin: Exactly. And the killer did strike again.

Yaya: So that means Charlotte is innocent, right?

Raishin: I don't know. It seems awfully convenient to me.
The timing of the attack seemed to perfectly coincide with when she and I were gone.

Yaya: Charlotte may not have been here, but Sigmund was.

Raishin: Were you with him the whole time?

Yaya: Well, no. But he wouldn't have been able to use magic anyway, would he?
At least not without his puppeteer nearby?

Raishin: Yeah, except that he's a Banned Doll. You know what that means.
He could provide a little bit of magic by himself.
Why are you calling?

Lisette: I am attempting to locate Charlotte actually.
She ought to have been here by now.
You see, she and I both live in the Griffin Hall dorm.

Raishin: Oh, and she isn't there?

Lisette: No. I haven't set eyes on her and it's quite late.
I thought perhaps she was off pursuing impure relations with you, so I rang to see.
Apparently I was incorrect. So ta, useless git.

Raishin: Lovely girl. Charl must be out somewhere investigating again. What a pain.

Yaya: Oh no.

Shoko: Such a beautiful night, don't you think, boy? The moon especially.

Raishin: Shoko, ma'am, hello.

Shoko: Yaya, my dear. You're looking well.

Yaya: Yes, ma'am. Yaya is in excellent working order.

Irori: If you're operating normally as you say, then why is it obvious you've been crying?

Yaya: Irori, hi. You're here, too?

Irori: Indeed. You're growing lax.

Shoko: I hear you started a brawl almost the moment you arrived, yes?

Raishin: Pretty much.

Shoko: Interesting. Would you care to explain why you didn't destroy a single one of your opponents?

Raishin: Whatever, I did plenty of damage.

Shoko: Don't play the simpleton, boy. I know you're not one.
An automaton won't die unless you stop its Eve's Heart.
There is no point in taking half measures. Remember, dolls are not people.

Raishin: Sorry, I don't buy into that. To me, automatons are human.
I wouldn't stop a doll's heart so lightly. Far as I'm concerned, it's murder.
That's my school of puppetry.

Shoko: We need to talk about Cannibal Candy.
Please understand. He is a far greater threat than you realize.
Even the army's involved, they're in the process of trying to identify him.

Raishin: But nothing yet, huh?

Shoko: Not yet. The academy is concealing information pertaining to the case.
Given their secrecy, we've considered the possibility British royalty is involved.
You don't have to be a part of this. It's not too late yet to back out, you know.

Raishin: No, this has become personal.
There's someone involved I don't wanna abandon. She's a brat, but she's alone out there.
She's fixated on Cannibal Candy. I don't know why, but she won't back off.
When it comes down to it, I guess I feel like I owe her. I feel guilty.
Damn it! It's hard to explain. I'm saying I wanna save her!

Shoko: Yaya.

Yaya: Oh, yes, ma'am.

Raishin: Yaya! What did you do?

Shoko: For lack of a better term, I unbound her.
See boy, Yaya's "Diamond Strength" circuit is without peer.
However, one thing it cannot do is defy the law of causality.
For example, consider Tyrant Rex's magic circuit, called "Gram."
Yaya cannot withstand a direct hit from that magic. It would be the end of her.
One more thing you should keep in mind. Yaya's natural enemies are water and wind.
No matter how much power she may have, she cannot subdue that which has no form.
So do try to be careful out there.

Raishin: We will. Yaya, let's go!

Irori: Master, are you sure that was the right decision?

Shoko: Worried about Yaya?

Irori: No! I have no personal feelings invested.

Shoko: Worry not child. All will be well. Yaya is fine. I did unbind her.

Irori: And what of Raishin? Will he be all right? Yaya won't inadvertently drain him dry?

Shoko: Come now, the boy is not so weak as that.

Irori: No, Master. But he has only been studying puppetry for a few years.

Shoko: A short time. That is true.

Shoko(past): You, boy. You are the only surviving member of clan Akabane, correct?

Raishin(past): Who are you?

Shoko(past): Magnificent, isn't she? She is the second part of my Seasonal Treasures trilogy. She is Yaya, the Moon.

Raishin(past): Karyusai is the... greatest living doll-maker in the world.
Likes fine wine, women and parties. Well known as the biggest carouser around.

Shoko(past): I see my reputation precedes me. I will admit. I do like my wine and my girls very much.

Raishin(past): Then... it was you. You made the Army's Veiled Fuji series.

Shoko(past): I consider that a failure. They weren't beautiful at all.
However, thanks to my work on that series, I am well known among the military elite.
In fact, with my contacts and influence, I'm in a position to grant your wish.
I can help you, boy. I can find him for you. The one you hate. The one whose life you long to take.
And I can lend you the automaton you'll need to accomplish that goal.
So boy, what do you say? Are you mine now?

Shoko: He's simply unaware of his natural gifts. There's genius inside him, always has been.

Irori: His clan are onmyoji, blending cosmology and religion.
They at one time used dharmapalas and shikigami in their practice. Truly fearsome familiars.

Shoko: Doesn't it sound magnificent? Of course.
Their bloodline is one of the reasons such grave misfortune befell the Akabane siblings.

Irori: When they finally meet, what do you suppose the outcome will be? Can Raishin defeat Tenzen?

Shoko: Revenge. Such rubbish, isn't it?

Irori: Master?

Shoko: I daresay he'll resent me when he learns the truth. No avoiding it at this point.

- - - - -

Yaya: Up ahead!

Raishin: It's me, Lisette! Raishin!

Lisette: I didn't expect you here.

Raishin: What's going on?

Lisette: The disciplinary board's been mobilized. We're all out here searching for Charlotte.

Raishin: Why are you so desperate to find her tonight?

Lisette: We made a startling discovery. A store of magic circuits was found in her room.

Raishin: That can't be!

Lisette: We're not yet certain they were the ones taken from Cannibal Candy's victims. Good night.

Raishin: Wait a sec. Technically, I'm affiliated with the board right now, right? So you're duty-bound to help me.

Sigmund: You should turn back, Charl. What's got your goat anyhow?

Charlotte: It is unforgivable! I cannot stand idly by and do nothing.

Raishin: This is where the lockers are?

Lisette: Yes. This is a repository for important machines.
I've received permission to enter. However a great many automatons are kept inside this building.
Your doll could destroy them easily, so you understand the concern.

Raishin: But we would never do that.

Lisette: Nevertheless I assume my meaning was clear.

Raishin: Yeah, fine. I get it. Yaya will remain here.

Yaya: Raishin...

Raishin: Lisette, can I ask something?

Lisette: You may.

Raishin: I've never met Felix's automaton. I was hoping you could tell me what it's like.

Lisette: I can't vouch for this myself, but I have heard that it dates back to the Renaissance.

Raishin: That makes it an antique. A doll that old, I wonder what sort of magic circuit it runs on.

Lisette: Sorry, I wouldn't know. Felix's locker is right through here.

Raishin: There's something I've been wanting to ask you.
When we were at the crime scene, you said the victimized doll was a boule user.
How did you conclude that? There wasn't much to suggest it.

Lisette: Well, it was patently obvious actually. Boules leave very distinctive injuries.

Raishin: The doll's legs were crushed. I know. I saw it.
Which is what I'm asking about. The natural conclusion would be the attacker was a boule user.
It shouldn't occur to you that she was attacked with her own weapon unless you had something else to go on.
Or unless you saw it happen.

Lisette: What are you accusing me of?

Raishin: No need to get defensive. I just thought you might have been an eyewitness.

Lisette: It's a bad idea to make assumptions!
Raishin, where are you going?! Get back here! Oh, bollocks!

Raishin: How did it take so long to figure out something so obvious!
This is Lisette Norden's corpse! You're a Banned Doll...

Lisette: I warned you about making assumptions, didn't I? You shouldn't have stuck your nose in!

Board member: What happened here?

Lisette: You're just in time. I'm Lisette Norden, vice-chief of the disciplinary board.
Apprehend this lad, Raishin Akabane.
I want him held on suspicion of colluding with Cannibal Candy.
And as a precaution, take the doll out front.

Board member: Understood. We'll bring her in.

Lisette: I shall go and report this to the board.

Board member: Thank you, ma'am.

Charlotte: There it is at last. I want it alive. Lustre Flare! Smashing!

Felix: Stop at once! The plan worked. Hello, Charl.

Charlotte: Felix!

Felix: We set out that automaton as bait for Cannibal Candy.
The dormitory warden alerted us that you'd slipped out of Griffin Hall.
That's when we found the proof, quite a lot of it, in your room.

Charlotte: What?

Felix: It was a large collection of magic circuits, Eve's Hearts, to be exact.

Charlotte: No, wait! That isn't...!

Felix: Charlotte of house Belew. You are Cannibal Candy.

Charlotte: What?!

Kimberley: Wait. Several broken ribs it seems. She's badly injured, too. Then beaten half to death.
Stand back! Get down! What is this? What's happening to her?! What manner of beast!

Board members: Do you see that light?

It's off near the lockers!

Felix: We need to know what's happening over there. All board members dispatch at once.

Board member: Sir, you shouldn't stay here alone. Tyrant Rex is a formidable enemy.

Felix: I should be fine. In case you forgot I am one of the Rounds.
There, you see? My automaton's arrived. I won't require further assistance.
Now, make haste, all of you!

Board member: But sir!

Felix: Exactly how dense are you! I'm telling you you'll be in my way! Go!
There. Now we can chat in private.

Charlotte: You don't honestly believe I'm Cannibal Candy, do you? Can't you see how ridiculous that is?

Felix: I don't need to believe it. I just need others to.
That was the original plan anyway.
To set the new chap Raishin on your tail, and have him destroy you.
But unfortunately, he dug too deeply.

Charlotte: Wait, what have you done to Raishin? Where is he?!

Felix: If you find it comforting, think of it as a cruel twist of fate.
It's fate that we are both here in the year of the festival. The year of the magical eclipse.
Yes, and it is also fate that your doll's Gram is like my doll's Predator.

Charlotte: I see now. You set me up. Which means... You're a murderer! You're Cannibal Candy!
Felix, how could you... Why would you... do something so cruel?!

Felix: Because I want to be named the Wise Man, obviously!
I will be king of the magical world! Now, Charl, this is goodbye!

Sigmund: Why are you sitting there?! Quickly! I cannot defeat him on my own!

Charlotte: Raishin, I'm sorry...

Raishin: Don't be an idiot, Charl. It's not you! You have nothing to apologize for! He does!

- - - ED - - -