Yaya: Yaya is beautiful. Yaya is a very pretty girl.
Yaya is very beautiful. Yaya is the prettiest girl in the world. Yaya is your everything.
You adore Yaya. You love Yaya. You wish to marry Yaya. Yaya didn't realize you... were awake.

Raishin: Yes, [xxx] hard to sleep someone chanting in your ear.

Yaya: Yaya is sorry, she was only reciting a small charm. Something to make you love her.

Raishin: You say small charm like it's supposed to be harmless. But I know you, you were contaminating my psyche.

Yaya: We're almost to the academy. Are you excited yet? Yaya is.

Raishin: Left London half a day ago, my butt's too sort of excited.

Yaya: The academy provides room and board, which means we'll spend our nights together, just you and Yaya.

Raishin: Suppose we will.

Yaya: Yaya predicts many sleepless nights in our future.

Raishin: No, I'll be sleeping, pranny. And if you misbehave, I'll evict you.

Girl: [xxx] Get your things off.

Little girl: Sure do.

Raishin: Here.

Little girl: Thanks, Mister! You're so nice.

Raishin: Certainly. You all right?

Little girl: Uh-huh.

Yaya: Raishin, something isn't right!

Raishin: You think?

Men: Oh no. What's going on?

Passengers: Why aren't we stopping?!

We've already passed Edge Hill!

Only one stop left on this line!

We're gonna crash at Lime Street Station!

Raishin: How far from the last stop?

Passenger: A mile or two! [xxx]!

Raishin: Yaya, find the brakes!

Little girl: What's happening, Mister?

Raishin: No need to worry. We're all gonna be fine.

Yaya: It won't stop!

Raishin: Then we'll do something else! Maybe we could stop the engine.

Yaya: Right. Let's try. Raishin, bridge! Too close! We never make it!

Raishin: We should do this, you ready?

Yaya: Yes!

Raishin: Silence 48 Sho!

- - - - -

Raishin: Nice Yaya. I'm proud. You regulated the power well.

Yaya: Thank you, Raishin!

Raishin: You both made it okay?

Girl: We did. [xxx] thank you [xxx].

Little girl: You stopped the whole train, are you a magician?

Raishin: Sort of. I'm what they call a puppeteer.

Girl: Oh, does that mean she's your automaton?

Yaya: Yes! Yaya is Raishin's doll. He uses her well. Especially under the sheets!

Girl: Eek! Pervert!

Raishin: Yaya.

Yaya: Yes, Raishin?

Raishin: Guess what I'm feeling right now. Here's a hint: it's an emotion so intense, it's bubbling out of control!

Yaya: Sexual frustration?

Raishin: Rage, Yaya! Why do you always say things that invite misunderstanding?!

Yaya: That little vixen was clearly making eyes at you! Yaya had to establish a [xxx] claim.

Raishin: Little vixen? She couldn't have been older than twelve!

Yaya: No, she was a hot-blooded woman!

Raishin: The Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart, the highest institution of learning in the magical arts.

Yaya: It's also the location of the Walpurgis Night Festival held to [xxx] the Wise Man.

Raishin: That's right. Are you sure you're ready for this, Yaya? You won't see the outside world for a while.

Yaya: Wherever Raishin is, that's where Yaya wants to be!

Raishin: Don't know why you're so attached to me. Ultimately I'm only gonna use you as a tool for my revenge.

Yaya: Yaya knows. She's an automaton created by Shoko.
Brought into this world to be used as a tool.
But you know, tools perform their best when used for specific purpose.
Yaya would do whatever you ask, in bed and out!

Raishin: They won't be necessary. However, I do appreciate how determined you are.

Yaya: How did the entrance exam go? You [xxx], didn't you? What's your rank?
1235th... Try not to be upset, it isn't that bad. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Yaya knows how hard you've trained.
Forget their stupid test! Battle is what counts. And you're a match for anyone here.

Raishin: Don't you see? You're the Karyusai brand's top automaton.
For me to score so low is nothing short of pathetic. I don't deserve you.

Yaya: No, Raishin! Never. Yaya will always be proud to be yours.

Raishin: I don't know how I can never face Shoko after this.

Yaya: Shoko... Shoko... Shoko! You clearly got a one-track mind! All you can think about is Shoko!

Kimberley: Beginning to see where you stand in a school, Samurai Boy?
Professor Kimberley, Machinart Physics Department.
Unfortunately for us both, I'm now your academic advisor.

Raishin: Thank you for the warm welcome. Pleasure to meet you too.

Students: Have not seen that kind of [xxx].

He's got black hair. Looks [xxx].

Do you suppose he's Oriental?

Kimberley: I know you had a long journey from your little backward village in the far east, but I assume you can count.
Giving your current rank, if you wish to graduate, focus all your energy on your studies.

Raishin: No problem, Professor. Just one question.

Kimberley: Which is?

Raishin: The Walpurgis Night Festival. How do I get into it?

Kimberley: Dramatical increase your rank.
Participation is limited to the top one hundred pupils. Frankly, you don't stand the chance.
The Walpurgis Night festivities amount to a series of bloody battles where magi vie for supremacy.
A war of puppeteers [xxx] automatons and the weapons.
And it ends with only one mage left standing. Amateurs like you [xxx] come out of [xxx].

Raishin: Unless I'm that one mage who's left standing.

Kimberley: Why are you so set on competing?

Raishin: Because I will be named for Wise Man.

Kimberley: Ah, and why do you want for title? For the power? Fame perhaps? The knowledge? Money?

Raishin: It's kinda pointless to ask that, isn't it? When I become the Wise Man, I'll have all the above.

Kimberley: Yes, and more. The Wise Man receives certain exemptions.
Forbidden books and arts are no longer forbidden to him or her.
No to mention the military benefits, like a post as general in any nation's army.
But said, I suspect your objective is no really any of those things.
As you are no doubt aware, our school was founded when machinart, or machine magic, was in its earliest development.
The academy's goal is to educate and train skilled puppeteers as military use of machinart continues to expand worldwide.
The festival is the [xxx] of that purpose. It identifies the students who have emerged as the most skilled puppeteers.
Although, in the highly unlikely event as a student who has not gained entry challenges to battle and then defeats a student who has.

Raishin: Yeah, then what?

Kimberley: Work hard, Mr. Second Last. Work hard.

Raishin: [xxx] first lesson.

Yaya: She seemed rather scary, maybe it's the glasses.

Raishin: You think? She told everything I wanted to know, so... I may even end up liking her.

Yaya: Raishin! That is just scandalous! An older woman?! How dare you look at her when you already have Yaya?!

Raishin: Hey, let me go!

Charlotte: Stand aside. You know [xxx] you're in my way.
This is the girls' dormitory. Unless you have a reason to be here, kindly move alone.

Yaya: Excuse you! There's no need to be so rude about it! Right? Tell her! Raishin? Raishin!

Raishin: Just move out of the way, come on.

Yaya: Why did you make Yaya move for that girl?! Don't tell Yaya you're interested in her!

Raishin: You know, I maybe. But for now, let's just find the boys' dorm.

Yaya: Raishin, what are you thinking about?

Raishin: Finding a way to enter the festival.
I have to compete. It's the shortest path I have to get him revenge.

Yaya: Oh, so what have you come up with?

Raishin: I'm seeming like I'll have to take Professor Kimberley's advise.
I need to make a big jump in the rankings.
I'll find someone with an entry and challenge him to battle.

Yaya: Ah, so we must resort to force!

Raishin: That's about the size of it.

Yaya: Good plan. Yaya will seize the day as well.

Raishin: What are you doing?

Yaya: Yaya is resorting to force! By any means necessary for your success.

Raishin: No, thanks! Not necessary!

Yaya: Yaya wins!

Raishin: Get off from me! Now!

Charlotte: Why did [xxx] find me so terrifying?

Sigmund: Perhaps because you are. In the first day of tournament, you've already put five older students in hospital. Makes an impression.

Charlotte: Well, they shouldn't relate hands on me when they were trying to recruit me for that little club.

Sigmund: And the incident in which you tried to make your roommate [xxx] the window?

Charlotte: That was a force majeure, you know it.
It's hardly my fault she decided to break into the bathroom with a lock.

Sigmund: Was it a force majeure when you destroyed the lab because you [xxx] won't touch any [xxx] frog.

Charlotte: Oh stop it! If you don't speak to me with more respect, you should [dine on] chickpeas instead of chicken this week!

Sigmund: Why don't you try charming it out with some of your skill mates?

Charlotte: Forever one is my enemy, we'll be facing each other at the festival. There's no point form a close ties.

Sigmund: You'll [xxx] lonely life with that attitude. Never find a fellow to call on you, either. You're most likely [xxx].

Charlotte: What me? [xxx]! I'll have you know men find me irresistible. And that they practically flock to me.

Raishin: Pardon me. You're Charlotte Belew, right?

Charlotte: There you see.

Raishin: I hear you're a second-year student, and also that you're one of the "Rounds"-- the top-ranked contestants.
Registration code: "Tyrant Rex." Literally a brutal ruler, intimidating. The dinosaur bit works, too.

Charlotte: Did you want something? I'm busy.

Raishin: Yeah, I do actually. Your festival slot.

- - - - -

Students: Hey, I hear a Japanese exchange student is gonna challenge Tyrant Rex.

Whew, the Princess [xxx] Reg. No. 8?

No, some new just got here two days ago. You see him?

Charlotte: You do realize you're an idiot. An idiot among idiots. A blazing towering idiot.

Raishin: I know.

Charlotte: Stupid and slow on the draw? No match of a lady's manner, are you?

Raishin: And you're not match of a lady with a mouth like that.

Yaya: Yeah, that's right! Raishin is real fast, like so fast you don't even know!

Raishin: Stop talking, you're not helping.

Charlotte: Every single spring like clockwork, at least one chap needs to be taught his place.

Raishin: Yeah my rank stinks. I'm 1235th out of 1236 students. But I know my place just fine.

Charlotte: Second last in entire school?

Raishin: You can laugh at my expense all you want.
We are gonna fight, I am gonna win and that's all that matters.

Charlotte: You're one of the biggest idiots I've ever encountered.
But no one could doubt you're lack of commitment.
Let's get this over with, shall we? Crushing you [xxx] and long at all! Now Sigmund!

Sigmund: Right!

Raishin: Our turn now, Yaya! Whistle 24!

Yaya: Look out!

Charlotte: Seems that whole parade of idiots came out this afternoon.

Raishin: Hey, this is our fight!

Charlotte: You just stand there and watch. I can [xxx] gets easier without you, mock and at all.

Raishin: Sure. Just don't lose.

Charlotte: Clearly you don't know to whom you're speaking.

Raishin: Rather humble you are.

Charlotte: Cheeky go stood! Above us!

Raishin: Not bad. She's got the skills to back up a "Rounds" title.

Charlotte: Lustre Cannon!

Raishin: I have to give you some credit. That cannon packed the serious punch.

Charlotte: How dare you! Unhand me!

Student: For along now, this is our fight.

Raishin: Hardly I challenged her first. So you jerks could back off.

Student: You'll soon learn how things work around here, foreign boy.
We've been planning this for weeks, if anyone is a thief in this situation, it's you.

Raishin: Really? Like you mentioned, I'm new here. Sorry.

Student: Show [xxx]. You let your guard down! Fatal mistake!

Raishin: Fellows, I thought we weren't supposed to go after other puppeteers.
However, you wanna change the rules a bit, I'm glad to oblige! Flare 12 Ketsu!

Yaya: Right!

Charlotte: Up, Sigmund, back to the flay. Lustre Flare!
Please don't act as that you rescued me. Otherwise you're an even bigger idiot than I thought.

Raishin: Nah, I could tell you're not the type of girl who needs rescuing.

Charlotte: Well, you may tell me your name if you like.

Raishin: Raishin Akabane, I'm a puppeteer from Japan.

Yaya: What he said, dido.

Raishin: Actually, that is not anyway correct.

Yaya: Yaya is Yaya, his wife!

Raishin: Also not correct. We're not married at all.

Charlotte: It has a little consequence. Shall we continue our battle?

Raishin: Let's call it off. It's not fun anymore.

Charlotte: You can't be serious! You quit?

Raishin: Yep, see you around.

Charlotte: Beastly boy. What a coward!

Sigmund: I'm not be so quick to judge.

Charlotte: I don't understand. What are you talking about?

Sigmund: I believe the boy noticed I've taken an injury during our battle.

Charlotte: Are you in pain?

Sigmund: I must conserve my strength for a few days.

Charlotte: Stay what you will, but I still maintain his a coward.
If he won't take advantage of an enemy's weakness, he's nothing but a milksop!

Sigmund: Well, you seem quite interested in this particular "milksop." You even asked for his name.

Charlotte: Get stopped, you great over [xxx]! One more word, and it's nothing but vegetables for a week!

Yaya: What do you think? Are you gonna challenge somebody else tomorrow?

Raishin: I'll figure tomorrow our tomorrow.

Yaya: That's understandable. My, look at the time, good night.

Raishin: No, nice try, not gonna work!

Yaya: What's not gonna work?

Raishin: You have your own bed on that side of the room.

Yaya: Yeah, but, fighting through your opponents so hard, Yaya even got hurt.

Raishin: Yeah, I'm sorry. Your point?

Yaya: You know perfectly well, we automatons rely on our puppeteers' magic to survive.
When we're damaged, proximity is important.
In fact, we heal much more quickly when we're close to our masters!

Raishin: Fine, you win. If that's what this is about, you can share my bed.

Yaya: Excellent!

Raishin: Yes, it's great. just don't do anything weird.

Yaya: Don't worry, Yaya knows how shy you are.

Raishin: I guess I should be more express it. Do not touch me.

Yaya: Pooh.

Raishin: What's the problem now?

Yaya: Automatons recover quicker when they maintain physical contact with their puppeteers! It's a proven fact!

Raishin: Enough!

Yaya: No, listen!

Raishin: You're making this odd! Getting room bed!

Charlotte: You're a real twit, you know that? Who forgets to bring money when they go out?
This is a loan. I expect to be repaid in full. And I'll be charging interest, obviously.

Raishin: Yes of course. I do appreciate it.

Charlotte: I'm sure. Wait, how dare you eat at my table?! Get away from here now! I don't want your company!

Raishin: [xxx] rude. I'm already eating.

Charlotte: I'm rude, for wanting rid of a freak like you!

Raishin: How are you, Sigmund? Healing up well?

Sigmund: Indeed. I've no cause for complaint.

Raishin: Well now.

Charlotte: Oh, if you must know, I'm bored. Things are awfully dull around here.

Raishin: Oh, you want things livened up a little, do ya?

Charlotte: Sigmund, I hope you are feeling bad, because we're going to destroy this idiot!

Sigmund: Ah, do calm down, Charl.

Yaya: Is something wrong?

Raishin: That puppeteer...

Charlotte: Oh, that's Magnus. Why, do you intend to challenge him next?

Raishin: Yaya!

Yaya: Right!

Charlotte: Don't do it! You'll never defeat him!

- - - ED - - -