Touhou Anime Project : Musou Kakyou - A Summer Day's Dream (English fandub)touhou-anime-project.jpg

Touhou Project is a series of Doujin games developed by Team Shanghai Alice, which consists of one person, ZUN. This series was originally created by ZUN to display his music, but eventually, the games took over his life. Originally, the games were developed for the PC 98, and eventually moved onto Windows. Touhou Project has an incredibly massive fanbase, despite its origin, and has been created into various sorts of media, including fan-made games featuring ZUN's characters, doujinshi, and anime. This project is basically a fandub of the most recently released, fan-produced anime, Touhou Anime Project - Musou Kakyou, by MAIKAZE productions.

Castlist (In order of appearance)
Narrator: batgirl
OP Singer: SakuraNek0
Reimu Hakurei: Scarlotte
Suika Ibuki: S h u d o - R a n m a r u (DollyKissuStudios)
Aya Syameimaru: Haushinka
Marisa Kirisame: Magic Kaito
Mixing/Editing: RubedoKukaiJr


Title (タイトル)
Notes (補足説明)
Episode 1