Kosei playing the piano.

Tsubaki & Watari: Kosei!

Takeshi, Emi & Nagi : Arima!

Hiroko: Kosei!

Kosei: They're watching me. The people who comfort and challenge and guide me. The people who called me back to the stage. They're out there. So I, I can't let them down. This is the sound mom gave me. The sound that Watari would cheer for and Tsubaki always believe in. Forge in the heat of battle with Aiza and Igawa and polish made a duet with Nagi. The sound Hiroko helps me to remember.

Little Kosei: I can't hear. I can't hear the notes. Somebody.

Kaori: You have me.

Kosei: You were right you know? I'm not empty. I'm full of music waiting to escape and I'm not alone. From the first moment we meet somebody, we never alone again. Together, we are a symphony.

Kaori: Don't go. Don’t leave me all alone.

Kosei: You're a dummy. How could I? Look within,…

Kaori: Even for a moment,…

Kosei and Kaori: and you'll find me.

Kosei: Like hell would I ever leave you alone. Reach her! Reach her! I'm putting my soul into this! If ever I played with heart, please just let this reach her. Whatever is wrong, fight it and then we can play. Our duet.

Kaori: Thank you.

Kosei and Kaori play the duet.

Kosei: Wait! Please don't go. Ask me to buy XXX again. Call me out of nowhere to kill time. I don't care if I'm just XXX. Don't go! Please! Please, Kaori. Don't leave me behind.

Kosei: Goodbye.

Kaori Mom: Thanks for coming today. Please, take this.

Kaori Dad: You know, you brought a lot of smile in our Kaori's life.

Watari: Gotcha! (Laugh)

Kaori: Hey you! I mean, dear Kosei. You were just here and now I'm writing you a letter. Kind of weird, right. You're a mess. You know that? You weak, a quitter and XXX. (Laugh). The first time I ever saw you, I was five years old. It was at a recital for the piano school I went to back then. You march out onto that stage and then made us all laugh by knocking over the bench. You sat at that giant piano and with the first note you played, the world became more colorful. It was like you found a deluxe box of a crank on the keys and toss them everywhere.

Little Kosei: I did it. (Smile)

Kaori: Suddenly, the girl next to me start falling her eyes out. Now you're gonna give it up? Like you never played in the first place. Hearing you that day, change my life. What do you think of that?

Little Kaori: Mummy daddy, it was so good.

Kaori Dad: Woah, look who's home again.

Kaori Mom: You want snacks honey?

Little Kaori: Buy me a violin. Please. I want to play violin more than anything.

Kaori Dad: Why do you want to switch instrument?

Little Kaori: Cause with violin, I could play a duet with Kosei.

Kaori (Cont'd): So I switched. Then and there. No regrets. When I found out we were at the same middle school, I was thrilled. How was I actually supposed to meet you, though? Buy eggs sandwiches every day until you notice me? In the end, all I could do is watch you guys. You were friends, and I was some stranger. It wasn't my place to barge in. So I didn't. I had surgery as a little kid but I never been totally well. After a bad fall on the 7th grade, I was in the hospital a bunch. Those hospital days got longer bit by bit. I was hardly ever at school by then. Nobody said how sick I was exactly, but I knew it was bad. Then one night, I saw my mom and dad crying down in the lounge when they thought I was asleep. That’s when I knew I didn’t have much time. I made a choice, I ran and I didn’t look back. I started living live exactly how I wanted. So I won't be all XXX in heaven. Contact are weird by I try them. I try to eat all cake by myself too because why not? Music that use to boss me around, I played it my way and then I told one single lie. Are you ready for it? Here it comes. Kaori likes Watari.

Kosei: Wait. What?

Kaori: Shocking right? But I'm glad I told it. After all Kosei, that lie brought us together. Please tell Watari "I'm sorry".

Girl A: You sleezze ball. Go to hell you big cheater. I'm done with you.
Watari: I hang out with some other girl. So what? You were busy that day. Remember?

Kaori: Honestly though, I'm sure he's moved on to some other girl by now. That's just who he is. When it comes to a friend, he's a great guy, but romantically, I want someone sincere. Also, please tell Tsubaki that I'm sorry. It turns out, I'm was just passing through. I didn't want to leave a big mess behind, so, I couldn't be totally honest with her either. Think of it, "Hey Tsubaki, be a pal and introduce me to Arima, would you? That would be a pretty mess up thing for me to ask for. I mean, everyone could tell that Tsubaki was crazy about you. Even before we were a friend, I knew. The only one who didn't get the memo were you and her.

Tsubaki: Hey (name).

Friend A: Yeah

Tsubaki: Go check on Kosei, would you?

Friend A: Huh

Tsubaki: Make sure he's eating. Stuff like that.

Friend A: No!

Tsubaki: Come on! Now it's not a time to be heartless.

Friend A: Not a time to be a chicken either. If you want to know how he is, go check yourself. You're a big girl.

Tsubaki: He was in love with her and now, and now she's gone and Kosei is empty inside. I want to help him but I've had no idea what to do.

Friend A: How are you so dumb? If your friend is crying on the floor, you don't run out and buy them a new handkerchief, you give them your sleeves.

Tsubaki: Easy as that huh?

Friend A: Listen, I don’t think it has to be some grand gesture. I think it's alright to just be you. For endings like this, you bench your head for a while and let your heart preach.

Tsubaki: How do you get so smart about relationship stuff?

Friend A: Boy's love. (Laugh)

Kaori: When my life finally brought the two of us together, you were different than I imagined. Stubborn and passive and pessimistic, not to mention the facts that you stole my leggings. Your voice was lower than I thought. You were a guy, you know! And you were gentle, no surprise there. Remember when we jump off that bridge, the river water felt amazing and the moon shining down at the music room like we could grab it on our tip toes. When we race that train, I really thought we could win. Singing twinkle twinkle little start with you late at night felts kind of perfect. Being at school after dark, it's mysterious right? And the snow, it's looks like cheery blossom petals. You must think I'm silly finding wonder in everyday things around us. Things I saw with you.

Aunt: Look at you playing it at such XXX. You're growing up kiddo.

Takeshi sister: You're so cool. Nah. I'm just smiling and blushing because it is a pretty song. That’s all. Falling for my brother rival would be such a douche.

Kaori: Isn't it funny how the most unforgettable scene can be so trivial and vice versa.

Kosei: None of it was trivial.

Kaori: So what's the verdict? Was I able to live inside someone's heart?

Kosei: No question.

Kaori: and this heart, it wouldn’t happen to be yours, would it?

Kosei: You barge in without knocking.

Kaori: Do you think that you'll remember me a little from time to time.

Kosei: Got no choice. You come back to haunt me.

Kaori: No hitting the reset button.

Kosei: Not ever.

Kaori: Don't you forget me.

Kosei. Hmmm.

Kaori: That's a promise, okay?

Kosei: Hmmm.

Kaori: I'm glad we found each other. Will I reach you? I hope I can. Here's the truth Kosei. I love you! I love you! I love you. Sorry I never eat all the XXX and I that I beat you up so much. I was such a brat to you. I'm sorry for everything. Thank you.

Kosei: I can't believe you wrote that. I should thank you for all of it.

Kaori: P/S. I'm giving you one of my favorite pictures. You don’t have to keep it. But I'll hope you do.

Tsubaki: hey.

Kosei: Uhh. It's you! I mean, hey there! How you've been?

Tsubaki: (Kick Kosei)

Kosei: Arghhhh. What the big idea?

Tsubaki: You better not think you're gonna be alone or something. I'm sticking by your side forever and ever like we're cover in superglue. So, you better get used to it.

Kosei: Spring time. It's on its way. The season, when we first met. The spring time, without you.