Oh...and ,Meiko, I went to have tea with Yoko and the others on the way home after my club meeting. There was a way cool guy at the table next to us, but pretty soon his girl friend showed up, and it was like "oh, no!" Oh, let's face it, Miko, it's already spring and my junior year at high school is starting. I just wish something really exciting would happen. Yeah, like, true love, or something...
Hey, miki, where are you? Don't you want some cake?
Okay, I'm coming.
We need for you to listen to us without freaking out.
We’ve decided that we both want to get divorced.
It was definitely an exciting event.
But not exactly the kind I had in mind.
What? What are you saying?
It was definitely the last normal day of my life.
Mom and dad, how could you be so stupid.
Well, I guess I would be mad too.
It's totally unbelievable.
When I saw that they were using a good pride-and-joy china, I figured that something had to be up.
But I never dreamed it would be something like this.
I don't get it.
You know why I always saw your parents had an almost perfect marriage, I mean, didn't they just get back from some romantic week-long trip to Hawaii?
Yeah, it was that stupid trip, it caused this mess to happen.
The Matsuuras? Who are they?
A very nice couple who was on the same tour bus with us in Hawaii.
We are all about the same age and we have a lot in common.
The four of us went nearly everywhere together, and it wasn't long before your mother fell in love with Mr Matsuura, and I fell in love with his wife.
That's right.
Well, it turned out they felt the same way about us, so after a long discussion, we decided that we should just switch partners and remarry.
What? you are gonna switch partners?
Tell me it's a joke, and it's got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Well, I'm sure it doesn't happen every day.
It's not that we don't love each other, dear, in fact, we still love each other a lot, and I don't think that will ever really change.
But it's no longer a hot passionate love- if it ever really was.
You are right, even before we got married, we were more like best friends than insatiable lovers.
And if only one of us had found new love, it would have been secrets and affairs, and that wouldn’t’ve been good.
This way, there's no problem.
Stop, are you out of your minds?
Listen to yourselves, this is insane.
Your father and I, treasure the long-last excitement and passion we rediscovered when we met The Matsuuras, please forgive us, please Miki.
You really think I could forgive you?
Wow, you're so strong, Miki.
Of course my parents have always been wired, but this is ridiculous.
In fact, it's so crazy, it's beyond my ability to forgive them.
oh, Miki, isn't that a little harsh, you're lucky to have such cool parents. I really like them.
Yeah, that's just 'cause they're not related to you.
You don't get it, I'm serious.
I like them much better than my parents any day.
It's true, my parents' marriage is a really mess, they're both having affairs, but refuse to divorce, my dad worries what people might think and my mom has financial reasons.
I wish they just ended a long time ago, they have no idea what it's like for a kid to grow up watching her parents fight all the time.
It hurts.
That's why, why I don't think I ever want to get married.
Meiko, is that why you say “No” to every guy that asks you out?
Are you afraid?
No way, that's not it, it's just that none of those boys were my type. I may have a healthy distrust of marriage, but I'm perfectly okay with guys.
Oh, please.
Hey, Miki, what are you doing?
Oh, hi, Ginta.
If you don't hurry up, you'll be late for practice.
I'm sorry, but I won't be coming today.
How come, Miki?
I'm going to the Matsuuras for dinner tonight with my parents, I'm gonna convince them all to cancel their plans if it's the last thing I do.
Oh I see.
You overeat and get diarrhea or something?
That's gross, I have family business.
Family business, huh?
Did something bad happen?
Nothing to worry about.
Look, could you please let everyone know, okay? Bye!
Thanks for the help Ginta.
Unbelievable, this story is just too embarrassing to tell.
It really sucks.
But I guess they are my parents, after all.
I am not gonna stand by while they are too way outside the boundary of ordinary decency.
I'll stop their plan.
This is our daughter, Miki.
Miki, I'd like you to meet Mr. Youji Matsuura, and his current wife Chiyako.
Please to meet you.
I've been looking forward to meeting you.
How do you do.
They seem like kind and gentle people.
In fact, they look like they're really normal.
I'm still having trouble believing it.
So I’ve got to ask if you're really planning on divorcing each other so you can marry my parents?
That's right.
Okay, not normal at all.
Where's Yuu?
Oh, he said he was coming straight from school.
Who is Yuu?
I'm sure I told you, the Matsuuras have a teenage son, he's at the same age as you are.
That's right, the Matsuuras have a child too.
A son who I'm sure is annoyed by his outrageous parents as I am by mine.
Oh, good, I feel so much better knowing that there's another person on my side. I'll just join forces with him, and together we will stop this insanity and...
Oh, Look, here he comes. Yuu, over here.
I'm sorry, am I late?
This, this is Yuu?
He is gorgeous.
It's nice to meet you.
His smile is way too cute.
Hi, how are you.
what am I gonna do, I mean to get to know this really hot guy that's what.
Oh, I just can't believe that how super lucky I am.
Wait, what am I thinking?
This is not the time for that sort of thing.
I've got to focus.
Excuse me, look, I’ve got to be really honest with you, I'm totally against this divorce and remarry stuff.
Let’s face it, this is ridiculous, and I don't think our relatives will approve.
Oh, don’t worry about it, you father and I have already taken care of that.
Since we’ve pretty much done what we wanted in our whole married life, nobody was even a little surprised when we told them.
Same thing here.
Our family just said, ”go for it. ”
Aren’t you worried about what other people might say?
You know, for someone your age, you think so old.
Honey, can’t you try to be just a little more open-minded?
What matters here, is how we feel about our lives .
Oh, yeah, what about how I feel and how Yuu feels? Can you imagine what it feels like to be a kid caught up in the middle of this? Can you ?
I don’t have a problem with it.
Wait, are you telling me that you aren’t upset that your own parents are planning something so outrageous ?
That’s right. I think as long as they are all fine, well then, then why shouldn’t I be ?
Ah, your soup’s getting cold .
Oh, this guy is weird .
In short, your are the only one who’s against our plan dear.
I know that both of you are anything but ordinary parents, and that you’re shallow and indifferent towards my feelings, and you don’t care about my grades or report cards or anything having to do with school .
You are not good cook, even oversleep, waste money when you’re shopping , and go on trips without tagging me .
But ,you are, you’re still the only mother and father I have , and I can’t believe I have to part with one of you.
Thank you , Miki, for being so honest with us, I had a few concerns myself .
Yeah, me too
But you don’t have to worry , I promise .
We decided that we would rent a huge house , so that all six of us could live together .
Yes, that way, the marriage combination’s changed, but the parent-and-child relationships don’t .
See, you’ll have the exact same combination of parents as you had in your entire life.
Also, this way, in the census register, you can remain on your father’s listing and keep your current last name, avoiding any annoying problems .
Well, isn’t it a great plan?
It’s completely ridiculous.
So, Miki, tell us, are you still against it?
Of course! Absolutely, and positively!
What? What is it?
Why are they all looking at me like that?
Oh, great, now I look like the villain here.
Why don’t you just give it up, huh?
I understand .
We did it !
I just can’t believe it. Why is this happening to me?
My god!
So much to my dismay , my parents and the Matsuuras got divorced , rent to the big house and moved our families in together. They’re not remarried yet though.
See, according to the law, a woman can’t remarry until six months after her divorce.
Hey, Chiyako?
What do you think? Should this go over here?
Let me see.
Jin, Youji, could you come help us ?
And so, starting today, according to the census register, who are total strangers along with their son and daughter begin living together under the same roof.
Hey, enough daydreaming, let’s go to the grocery store.
You know, you’re being awfully quiet today, Miki.
When we all had dinner together that night, you were yelling at the top of your lungs.
Have you finally given up?
You talk pretty rough, in spite of your nice looks . why don’t you do something about it?
Yeah, well, your face and way of talking are both pretty rough. You do something.
Yeah, I’ve given up. There’s really nothing I can do, because I was born to weird parents .
Besides, when I see all four of them smiling and being happy together as if they’ve been best friends for most of their lives, I think that this might not be okay.
Still, this is not average ordinary situation, but I’m not ganna complain, ‘cause what’s done is done. Got that?
I refuse to be affected by any of it, no matter how strange or bizarre it is.
For sure, none of this is exactly normal, but you know, I really think it’s kind of fun that our family’s doubled in size practically overnight.
Just don’t make too much fuss, okay?
Let you and I be friends.
Oh, boy, he’s really gorgeous.
What? Gum?
What a jerk, how dare he make fun of me.
Yuu, that’s not funny , come back here , right now.
I just can’t believe this .
Morning, Meiko.
So how do you like your new life?
Meiko, mind keeping your voice down.
You are the only one outside my house that knows about it, and I really wanna try to keep it that way.
Anyway, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
Well, you sound pretty cheerful considering.
Yeah, I am. Because as long as I’m at school, I don’t have to face any members of my abnormal family.
School, is now my personal sanctuary .
Hey, what are you?
Yuu, what’re you doing here?
It’s too much of a hassle to commute to Yokohama, so I transferred .
Your mom recommended I go to this school, because of its liberated atmosphere.
Plus, there’s an escalator system to college.
But why wasn’t I told?
We all figured you’d just have a cow, if we told you ahead of time.
So, we decided to keep it quiet until now.
Great, you guys all conspired against me, how cruel!
That’s too bad. I guess you got one of your abnormal family members at school now.
Hey, Meiko, who’s that guy? A transfer student?
Yokohama is within commuting distance, isn’t it?
Is he someone Miki knows?
Yes, he’s, he’s something like that.
Something like what?
Hi, Ginta.
I think I’m gonna get a little tennis practicing before morning homeroom. Do you wanna join me and work on our strokes?
Oh, yeah.
I’m already so upset this morning, I could use the change.
Good, Come on, let’s get going.
Hey, Matssuura, hi, I’m Meiko Akizuki.
I’ve heard all about you from my good friend Miki.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Is that guy Miki’s boyfriend .
No way. But they get along so well, it’s scary, they’re just friends. And they have been since they met back in junior high school .
Really? Then they’ll soon be confessing their love.
It’s really not like that.
Miki confessed her love for Ginta back in the 9th Grade and he turned her down bigtime.
That was tasty.
Amazing. first day here he’s already popular.
Look, I just don’t understand why I have to be the one who has to take you all around, that’s all.
It’s just a tour, it’s no big deal.
Yes, it is.
Koishikawa, Matsuura! Hey, excellent timing.
Oh, Mr. Namura.
Na-chan! Hi .
These are some papers you need to fill out in order to complete your transfer.
Thank you.
You’re welcome .
I’m sure your new situation is being tough on both of you, but, it will work out, and I’m always here if you need somebody to talk to.
That’s nice, thanks, Na-chan.
He’s a great teacher, maybe even the best in the whole school.
He’s also faculty advisor for my club.
Yuu, which club are you planning to join?
Well, in junior high, I belonged to the tennis club, but…
What? No, please stay away from my club, that’s the only thing I ask, okay?
You know? You’re so rude.
But don’t worry, I’m not gonna join.
I really have no intention to join in any club at this school.
At my last time school, I didn’t join anything either.
Really? Why?
Look, I just don’t want to be tied up, that’s all.
There’re lots of things I want to do besides clubs.
Like work part-time?
Or study for college?
Yeah, like that.
He can get into our college without an entrance exam.
I wonder if he wants to go to a different school?
Hey, what’s that building over there?
Which one?
Oh, that’s the school library .
Wow, you have a library on campus.
Yeah, but all the books in there are really old, so not very many people take advantage of it.
Meiko goes there once in a while, ‘cause she’s in the literature club.
Miki, I think I wanna ditch 5th period.
I’ll be back for 6th period. See you.
I’ll be back for… wait a second.
Boy, I wonder where he went.
He really is weird .
This is great, I like this place.
Hey, he did come back.
Wow, he’s pretty good at sports, too.
Yuu is so cool.
Miki, watch out.
Do you think she’s okay?
Hey, how do you feel ?
Well, I feel much better I guess.
Good, then I’ll go get your bag.
Thanks, Meiko, you are a friend.
So humiliating to get hit in the face with a basketball and pass out.
Uh, Matsuura, hi.
How’s Miki?
She seems much better, I’m just gonna go get her bag.
No, he’s gonna totally make fun of me.
I know, I’ll pretend I’m sleeping.
Are you still sleeping, Miki?
Oh, my, what was that all about?

What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
Yuu actually kissed me.
What in the world did he do that for?
It was my very first kiss.
How can he stay so cool about it?
I can’t even look him in the face.

Marmalade Boy
I don't know what he’s thinking.