Yuu is the only one I loved, I care for him and nobody else.
But I
Oh, no. I just don’t know what to do anymore.
Hello, Akizuki residence.
Hello, I’m sorry to bother you so late, but is Meiko there please?
This is miki calling.
Sorry, Miss Meiko is not here right now. may I take a massage for you?
No, that’s okay.
I’ll talk to her later, thanks anyway.
That’s strange, I really wanted to talk to her too.

Marmalade Boy

Hey, Miki. How about breakfast ?
Not today, thanks , I’m in a hurry, see you later.
Wow. Miki left already?
Sure did.
She left pretty early today, didn’t she?
Yeah. And skipped the breakfast too.
Well, maybe she forgot to do her homework or something stupid like that.
I bet that’s it.
It feels really strange, to be walking to school without Yuu.
Oh. But I can’t keep avoiding him like this forever .
I wonder why Meiko’s not here yet.
Miss Meiko is not here right now, may I take a message for you?
I hope nothing bad happened
Good morning Mr. Namura.
Good morning class.
Finally lunch, I’m starving.
I wonder where Meiko is.
Maybe she went to , the library .
What’s the big idea?
Want this?
You left in a hurry and forgot your lunch.
Well, thank you.
I gotta tell you, it was amazing .
No way, you really saw…
From that reaction , I guess it’s safe to say that I’m not the one you are waiting for.
Sorry, no.
well, who are you waiting for then ?
Is it a girl or a boy?
I’ll just leave that to your imagination
Where is Meiko.
She’s not gonna have enough time to eat her lunch.
What are you talking about?
That kissing scene yesterday was really something.
I’ll say.
I wonder what happened to Yuu and that girl after all the commotion.
What do you mean?
Well, here’s what I think.
Everyone is talking about Yuu, but he acts like he doesn’t even really care.
The thing is, Yuu just doesn’t open up to other people,
Come to think of it, Yuu doesn’t seem to have any close friends at all.
And it’s been a while since he started at this school.
Hey, wasn’t that a great game?
He has been talking to Ginta a lot since the match,
But It’s not like they’re best friends or anything like that.
In case you didn’t know, I’ve decided to wait, to wait until you realize that I’m a better choice for you than he is.
And Miki, I’m gonna try and wait for you, but I’m losing my patient. When are you going to realize the truth?
I know that I care about you more than he does.
You could be much happier with me, than with that indecisive weirdo who would go and kiss an ex-girlfriend in public like that
I mean don’t you have more self-expect and go chasing after a guy who doesn’t respect you? When you could be with a level headed guy like me, huh?
By the way, the other day, in practice I was thinking about something
About what?
Well. It seems to me that your legs have gotten a lot fatter recently.
That is not true.
How could you say that?
I’m not the only one who thinks so.
Everybody’s saying it.
I mean it’s just, you know.
I can’t believe the boys team.
I mean really, what about your gossips.
No wonder you guys are getting worse every single year, you spent your time chatting away instead of practicing.
Whatever , wait until you see the league tournament .
We’re gonna make it at least to the third round
Oh, really?
how’s that supposed to happen when they let you play
why you little…
hey. You wanna bet?
cake and coffee at the loft house.
Right on, you got it.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun with Ginta.
You know, I really like this.
Worrying about things doesn’t get me anywhere .
I should just try to follow my heart and find a way to enjoy every day to the fullest, that’s the best thing I can do, isn’t it?
Come in.
Get ready, here it comes.
Don't swing with your hand, step into the ball when you swing.
Thank you.
Would you like to come on up?
Mr. Namura.
Come with me.
Mr. Namura.
Earlier , we had a visit from a member of the PTA,
Do you have any idea what you have done, Mr. Namura?
That was a great serve .
Your game’s really been in a top form, miki.
Thanks, I feel real good.
I’m playing better because I stopped thinking so much.
What were you thinking about?
Are you okay?
it was nothing important, don't worry. Everything’s great.
But unfortunately, that good feeling sure didn’t last very long.
Something quite unexpected was about to happen .
Looks like another great day.
Boy, you’re sure in a good mood today , aren’t you?
Sure I am.
Hey, good morning.
-really? That’s unbelievable.
-yeah, and it was Mr. Namura.
-that’s what I heard, too.
-I had no idea.
Hey. Guys, what’s going on?
Oh, Miki.
What’s the matter?
Oh, Miki. It’s just so terrible .
So tell us, have you known all along about Meiko?
They say Meiko and Na-chan were seeing each other.
No way, it can’t be true.
But it looks like it is.
Some parents saw Meiko yesterday , and she was leaving Nc-chan’s apartment early in the morning .
It’s just so bizarre
Miss Meiko is not here right now, may I take a message for you?
There’s a rumor that they’ve been secretly seeing each other at the library for a long time.
The PTA called for an emergency meeting last night to decide what to do about it.
Meiko was called to the principal’s office and she’s there right now
I can’t believe it, what’s she gonna do now.
It’s gotta be a lie, I never heard about it, she would have told me .
She spent the night at his apartment, right?
Yeah, so that’s gotta mean that Na-chan and Meiko were probably doing it...?
Stop it!
Stop talking about Meiko like that...
I'm suspended, but I’m hoping to be back soon.
So that's the story...
No wonder I couldn't get you. That explains everything .
I’ve gotta go see Na-chan, right away!
Miki no!
Oh, Vice Principal!
Yes, what do you want...
Na-chan... I mean,
where's Mr. Namura?
I’m afraid you can't see him, I will be substituting for him today.
Now, Get back to your classroom.
Yeah. But...!
Go !
Miki! Let’s go.
Good night.
You should tell your story to Takuji right away.
He'll be insane with jealous when he finds out that you actually dated a high school girl.
Miki. if you’re going to Meiko's? Can I come, too?
I should go alone.
Let me go alone, Ginta....
Huh? Oh...
Meiko lives in such a huge mansion...
It's a little intimidating talking through an intercom...
I could see you coming from the window.
I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to worry you.
why don't we go take a walk?
So is it true, you're dating Na-chan?
Yes, it is.
And what about the apartment...?
Yes, I did stay there the other night.
But nothing happened, not like everyone is thinking.
I just slept there, that’s all.
That night, my dad got home earlier than normal , and immediately got into a fight with my mother who was drunk as usual,
My parents are usually in a state of cold war...but every once in a while they just explode....
That night it got pretty nasty and they started screaming at each other...
I guess your punk dumped you again!
He's not a punk! He's my lover!
I just couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out of here, so I ran out of the house.
Open up, Na-chan. Please, open up.
What in the world are you doing here so late at night?
Na-chan. I can't stand it!
I can't stand that house anymore!
He listened patiently to my story , then he held my hand untill I got tired of crying and fell asleep.
Well. You must have told the principal what really happened, so what did he say to you? didn't he believe you?
He told me that he did believe me.
but it's true we were seeing each other and since it became such a big scandal he said he had no choice but to punish us somehow.
I don't care if I get suspended or kicked out of school, you know.
But I don't know what I'll do if he loses his job over this!
It’s just not fair.
I just can't believe I got him into this huge mess!
but, on that night, I really didn’t have any other choice!
I just didn’t have any other places to go!
You could have come to my place... why didn't you?
So, how long have you been dating Na-chan?
I met him during the spring of 9th grade.
And it was about six months later when we , we realized we were in love.
You’ve been dating him for that long?
I had no idea...I'm surprised... you kept that secret so long, amazing .
Meiko. I really wish you could have told me all this before I found out at school like that.
I know it’s not easy to talk about, but I never would have told anyone about it.
You know that, see, we’re best friend...
and you never told me about such an important thing.
I'm a little hurt...
Miki. Yes, we’re best friends, I know that, but still, do best friends always have to share everything with each other? just so they can console and depend on each other all the time?
Personally I don't need that kind of friendship in my life.
Oh. Miki!
Miki, are you all right?
Miki? Miki.
Personally I don't need that kind of friendship in my life.

I'm sorry, Miki.
I must have hurt your feelings.
You had no idea what was going on, did you?
I had no choice but to go to Na-chan's place that night.
What am I going to do if he has to quite the job he loves, because of me?

Marmalade Boy...