But maybe it was a novelty and you started taking Ginta for granted , and I’m not saying that means you don't still really like Yuu, but after a while, even though you like him, he wasn’t the one you really needed, it was Ginta the one you taking for granted .
Oh, no. Please don't say that
I’m sorry, Miki, I’m afraid I might have said too much.
I think you’re very brave, it was awfully noble of you to consider Ginta’s happiness and suggest that he go after Arimi.
Good evening
Well, that’s weird .
He’s gonna actually sleep here tonight ?
What’s that mean?

Marmalade Boy

I didn’t get any sleep at all,
I know it looks like Arimi and I have gotten really closer, and we’re going out together , but it’s just an act.
Thank goodness .
We were so close, now I don't know what to do, how should I act when I see them after all that happened.
Morning, Miki.
Oh, good morning.
Well, I guess I don't have to worry so much about yesterday then .
I do wish Yuu would just say what his feelings inside though.
It’s just so hard sometimes not knowing.
All right, let’s settle down please, are you ready?
I’m gonna write a few things on the board now, they’re important , so pay attention .
Ah, Sir, yeah, Sorry, but does that mean they are on the exam?
Well, I can’t tell you that.
But I’ll give you a big hint, learn it, the chances are pretty dumb good.
Boy, that some gratitude you’re showing.
That was a pretty good tip you know?
It’s true, that’s why we love you.
Oh, me too. I love you, I love you so.
You’re making my skin crawl
Kawamura, Stop it.
Hey, look over there, see that?
That one’s just like you,
Look at it, all serious and honest like that.
Think so?
And there, you see that little one? That’s me.
She’s doing its very best to try to keep up with you.
I’ve been reassigned, it looks like I’m in charge of your homeroom,
I really wouldn’t be so happy about it,
I can’t be spending time with a student who’s in my class.
So this’ll have to be the last time , we can’t let anybody see us out together .
Yes, but does this have to be the last?
Well, until you graduate .
I understand .
But, it’s still okay for today though . right?
Just so you know, I told Arimi everything .
Oh, hey, Meiko.
That’s strange, she’s not here.
Excuse me, I’m looking for a book called efficiency in construction today.
You know the author’s name?
Yes, It’s Yoshimitsu Miwa.
Sorry about that, we don't seem to have that here.
I see, thanks.
Do you want me to check another library ?
No, I will be fine.
I’ve got a copy at home you can borrow .
Not him, what a pain
So last time it was Antonio Gaudi.
And now this time it’s Miwa.
You’re interested in construction is that it?
No, not really, I
Hey. Why don't you come over to our house sometime,
No. That’s okay,
I knew he was weird .
Thanks anyway, but I’ll be fine.
See you.
Those chores took forever.
I’m late.
Hi, Miki.
Arimi, hello.
I wanted to make you jealous okay?
I wanted you to be thinking about me instead of him.
It was all Arimi’s idea too.
Who are you waiting for this time?
Ginta? Oh, I know it’s Yuu.
For you, Miki.
Ginta said he had a talk with you, so I guess that must mean you know pretty much everything by now, right?
The boy has no backbone at all.
Look, Arimi.
So, Since he’s already told you the whole thing was a lie, I thought it would be best to come and apologize to you.
So, I’m sorry.
It doesn’t really look like you’re feeling all that bad.
I’m not.
And shouldn't you be more grateful about the way the whole thing worked out?
Grateful, and why is that?
Come on, oh you finally got in touch with your true feelings because of me, didn’t you?
What’re you talking about, just stop it , okay? you’re trying to confuse the issue .
Well. It’s true, think of it this way, it took something really extreme to show how much you like both of them, right?
I don't know, but it could be that Yuu actually likes you.
I don't get it, but it’s just him
Yuu’s never been willing to open his heart , oh he seems very sociable and friendly and all that and he is.
But he keeps his distance from everyone,
That’s it, so he can’t be in a relationship
And he doesn’t have any real friends.
He’s always been that way.
But when he’s around you, he’s somehow different .
I really can’t explain it, but whenever he’s with you, he’s just a little softer I guess,
This kind of thing , This kind of thing’s never happened before.
Well. That’s, it’s just, well, He’s just family that’s all.
Family, are you kidding? You’re just sleeping in the same house, you’re not related by blood, you’re not even a part of the same family.
Well, yeah, that’s true, but
Even if he does like you, I don't care, I’m never gonna accept it, okay?
Listen , you do not deserve him.
He’s the only one I love, and he’s the only one I had ever loved,
But you, you, look at you , you can’t even decide whether you want, Yuu or Ginta
And I can’t forgive you for that,
You don’t make any sense to me,
I just won’t let someone like you have him, I won’t let you.
You’re never gonna have him, never .
Arimi? Huh?
Don't you think you got the wrong guy?
I thought you and Ginta were
No, no. We just wanted to make Miki jealous , that’s all.
You had to know that.
I love you.
It’s not like I can forget
Oh, Please do something Yuu, help me
She really hit me where it hurts.
He’s the only one I love, and he’s the only one I had ever loved,
But you, you , look at you, you can’t even decide whether you want , Yuu or Ginta.
I just won’t let someone like you have him, I won’t let you.
You’re never gonna have him, never.
They’re just so totally different.
They’ve both got a very unique kind of charm.
And they’re both so very important to me .
It’s true, I love them both,
That’s just the way I feel.
You can’t blame me for that.
Yeah, that’s right, he just left and took Arimi with him, and she was still crying I couldn’t tell what she was saying.
Yeah, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
It was like something out of a movie .
Ah, He was so cool, never lost for a second total control .
What's going on? Last I heard Arimi was dating Ginta, what happened to that?
Oh, Miki.
Hey, Miki. Did you hear something just happened to Matsuura?
Oh, No, what happened ?
You know , Arimi, from the Sakaki Academy ?
Arimi Suzuki?
That’s right.
She just came out of nowhere and kissed him all of a sudden.
Yeah, and she was crying,
You even can’t decide whether you want, Yuu or Ginta.
Arimi loves Yuu. She really does.
And she loves him so much more than I do.
Yeah, that girl from Sakaki , I’d say she does pretty well for herself , you know?
Well. I didn’t actually see it happen, So I really couldn’t say, but the girls in my homeroom certainly keep talking about it.
Yeah, I’d say my girls are the same.
But, what’s the big deal?
You see, Miki never showed up for practice today.
Anyhow, Yuu does get around a little bit.
Hey, what can you do?
Okay, so what’s the point exactly ?
Matsuura and Miki, they’re both in your homeroom, you know?
I suppose .
But all that I can really do is try to keep an eye on them, there’s not a hole that I can do, they gotta work it out,
Teachers aren’t supposed to get involved in personal things.
Good answer . got that right.
Yeah. So you actually turned into a good teacher after all.
Well, good, I’m glad to have such a prodigy.
Hey. Excuse me, what are you talking about , are you drunk?
Well, I guess I’m getting a little jealous .
I don't know it’s just that Arimi revealed her true feelings to Yuu, and of course Miki skipped practice.
Don't you see? Both of them listened to their feelings.
It’s simple.
Yeah, you always gotta listen to your heart. That’s right.
Oh, Yeah, that’s true,
Yes, it is.
I guess I should give it a try sometime
What the hell are you doing?
Try laying off the alcohol once in a while,
And what about you? Imagine coming home two whole nights in a row.
I wonder what could’ve brought you to that.
Something going on with that little Bitch of yours? Did she run back home to daddy?
How about you? Looks like that little punk of yours must’ve finally dumped you
He’s not just some punk, he’s my lover.
Oh. You really are a piece of work.
I can’t take it.
I guess that makes me an old man.
What? So I’m an old woman ?
You’re awful
Thank you
You’re welcome
Ah. Would you like to come up?
If you want to , that is
I think I’d better head home.
I still haven’t finished with tomorrow’s lesson plan
Oh, yeah.
I guess It’ll be a long night then.
Okay. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow .
see you tomorrow
that’s so much for listening to my heart.
He just doesn’t understand women.
Come on, open up, please.
Oh, come on, come on , na-chan , please!
What in the world are you doing here so late at night?
Na-chan. I can’t stand it, I can’t stand that house anymore.

Meiko. Where were you last night.
I wanted to talk to you about Yuu and Ginta
Miki. Did you hear what happened to Meiko?
Ginta. What happened ?
You’re kidding , it can’t be.
Meiko and Mr. Namura are?

Marmalade Boy