If you choose me over Matsuura, I promise , Arimi will never come between us again.
Oh, I see, if that’s the way you wanted , Ginta, is that really the way you want things to be?
Meiko, with all the things that have happened recently, I’ve begun to realized just how important both Yuu and Ginta are to me, and so, I’ve made a decision , and what am going to do is talk to Ginta tomorrow .

Marmalade Boy

Did I screw up?
Maybe I shouldn't have asked her for a straight answer like that.
She’s really confused right now, so that’s gotta mean there’s still some hope,
Yeah. But then I had to go and tell her to make up her mind.
What should I do? It’s horrible not knowing but if I force her to say where she stands, it could ruin everything .
Hey, Miki, yeah, Nice to see you.
Ginta, I really need to talk to you, do you have a second ?
Well, you see, well, I like you, Ginta.
You really mean that?
But Yuu, I also like him.
I like both of you, I’m afraid .
And I can’t allow myself to be going out with you, when I feel this unsure as I do now.
You don't want to go out with a girl who has feelings for someone else too, do you?
That doesn’t matter, I really don't care.
He’s not gonna be on your mind once we start dating, it’s gonna be different then.
No, it wouldn’t . there’s just no way I can believe that.
Now when we’re living in the same house.
Even if I avoided him, I couldn’t help but see him everybody .
But that wouldn’t be
So then.
So then, I think you should go out with Arimi,
But then I have gotta admit, that if Arimi were to get her hands on you, I’d really hate that.
And I think I’ll be very jealous if that happens.
But I guess that’s just my selfishness talking,
And as much as I wish it was different , it’s just not fair for me to keep you waiting like that,
Look, You’ve got it all wrong,
What? So that thing with Arimi was all just some kind of big act? You gave your word, How could you betray me like that, you can’t do that to me, you rat?
I can’t say that.
You don't know how happy I am, that you felt like that, so thank you.
And look, I’m sorry that my feelings weren’t quite the same, But I hope we can still stay friends after you start dating someone else.
But wait, you don’t .
Well, I gotta go now, I’ll see you.
Miki. No, it can’t be, just can’t .
This isn’t funny.
I never should have gone along with that stupid act, this wasn’t supposed to happen.
I spent so much time thinking this through.
It has to be the right choice .
Okay, Chigusa! Give it all you got.
Uh? Not again.
I feel wonderful , I’m gonna be great today.
You know, I think that last match really did the trick, it's like it roused the genius inside of me.
Yeah, there’s definitely something going on with you these days.
Miki, Arimi isn’t my girlfriend , it’s just an act.
Should I immediately just tell her?
Ginta, I hate you… you
I can’t , If I tell her, she might hate me.
But considering what she said, maybe I, I don't get it, what should I do.
So what’s going on here, is my face really is interesting , is all that?
You know it seems like you’re here everyday
It must be boring, you never read anything.
Oh. Come on, will you? How could you think such a thing,
Why, I could just sit and look at your face all day.
It’s annoying.
So how about going out with me ?
No way.
Hey, Mr. Namura
Hi, guys.
I thought you’d be with the club.
No, not today, I have to go to a meeting.
Oh, I see.
Yeah, so I thought I’d stop in for a few things on the way there.
I’ll see you later, oh and have a safe trip home.
Don't worry, Mr. Namura, I’ll make sure she gets home okay.
I don't need your help.
So much for that chance.
Satoshi Miwa, the student body president ?
That’s right, but lucky for me, he was called to the office on the P.A. , so I was able to make a break for it.
But why’d you do that.
Satoshi is one of the cutest boys around, I’m jealous you know.
I don't think so.
Look at you, you’re so popular , you don't even care, what a waste.
Well then, what are you gonna have today.
Oh, hey, look at that banana cake, maybe I’ll try that, that looks good.
Wait a minute , here we go, they’ve also got a pumpkin pudding , that sounds good.
It’s not healthy to act happy when you’re really not.
Aren’t you feeling sort of down?
And I thought I sounded so cheerful too.
How did you know it was all an act.
Well, your cheerful is, just, isn’t very natural .
I don't know, maybe I was wrong.
Well, you see, I’ve noticed how you’ve been getting more interested in Yuu lately, And I guess I just thought the two of you would make a good couple that’s all.
But maybe it’s a novelty, and you started taking Ginta for granted , and I’m not saying that means you don’t still really like Yuu, but are after a while , even though you like him he wasn’t the one you really needed.
It was Ginta the one you taking for granted.
Oh. No, please don’t say that.
But… oh, I’m so sorry, don’t worry about it, okay? It was just a theory.
I don't know what to do.
Hey, I’m sorry.
Oh, I just remembered I’ve gotta go run an errand.
I wish I could stay, but please try not to let that get you okay?
See you.
Mr. Namura
So does this mean your meeting is over?
I saw you through the coffee shop window , so I thought I’d come and say hello.
Oh, Relax, you don't have to worry about people seeing us together , it’s not all that unusual you know.
Teachers and students bump into each other all the time.
Yeah, I guess you’re right.
And don't worry , I’m not planning on holding your hand you know.
Even though I’d really like to.
It’s only two more years until graduation , we can wait, right?
Could it be that the one I truly need is Ginta?
Even if it really is true, it’s too late now. it’s too late.
Shopping by myself ,on the day-off in one of my favorite stores, I should be having a good time.
But I’m not, everything just leaves me feeling empty inside.
For some reason, I just don’t care.
I’m stuck in the middle.
Should I go home?
Yuu hasn’t been home since this morning, but he might be back by now.
If I see Yuu, that might make me feel a little better .
Is that you, Miki?
Arimi? I didn’t want to bump into her right now.
I almost didn’t recognize you.
Oh, I get it, you’re wearing your hair down today, it looks cute.
Well, putting it up was just , too much trouble.
I see, so it’s not a fashion thing.
So what’s with the big bag you’ve got there?
Oh, you mean this?
Yeah, I’m staying over at a friend’s house tonight .
I don’t suppose you could guess who that friend might be.
Wait, you’re not saying it’s
That’s right, Ginta
Yeah. His parents are out of town for the night , so he called and asked if I could come over .
I’ve never stayed over at a guy’s house before and I’ve gotta admit, it does make me just a little nervous .
Miki, I had you going there, didn’t I ? I’m actually staying over with a girl in my class.
Wait, hey. Miki.
Oh, no. I wonder if she believed it.
Oh, well.
His parents are out of town for the night , so he called and asked if I could come over.
So the two of them are actually willing to go that far?
What am I saying?
I’m the one who told him to get together with her in the first place.
Well, good for you, Ginta.
Arimi’s pretty, she could be a bit harsh sometimes , but she’s a good person.
I wonder if they’ll be okay.
Is Arimi just gonna change her mind and dump him whenever she feels like it?
Am I thinking about this too much?
Yeah, I am.
Besides , it’s not my problem anyway, it’s theirs, Arimi’s and Ginta’s
Ginta, my best guy friend ever.
The one that I could always confide in.
Did I, did I really tell you that we should be apart?
Even though I knew better?
I just can’t believe how lonely I am.
So what are you doing out there?
I came here to apologize to you.
The whole thing has been a great big lie, that’s all.
But Arimi is spending the night at your place tonight , isn’t she?
You should go back home.
Who? Where? Speding.. what are you..
But she, well.
Arimi said that.
You mean she actually told you that? Is that true?
That little, I can’t believe , she
Miki. Please, I need you to listen to me and try not to get too upset .
I know it looks like Arimi and I have gotten really closer and we’re going out together , but it’s just an act, there’s nothing going on.
There’s nothing between the two of us and there never was
She wasn’t interested in me, she wanted Matsuura, that’s all.
The whole thing about going out with me , it was just a stupid act.
I wanted to make you jealous , okay?
I wanted you to be thinking about me instead of him
It was all Arimi’s idea too.
And I, I went along with it.
I’m sorry, I don't know what to say.
I’m really sorry.
Please, you gotta be angry, right? Miki.
I think I’m feeling dizzy.
Are you okay? What’s going on?
A little while ago, I started to realize that I was no longer the closest girl in your life anymore, and after all the time that I had been.
It just, made me feel very sad.
And I don’t think I’d ever felt that way.
I couldn’t breathe when I was feeling like that.
Thank goodness , yeah, thank goodness, I’m glad that wasn’t true.
No, what’d you have to go and do that, Ginta, what are you doing, I didn’t mean that.
Oh, cut it out, will you? This is crazy, We both know you made me want to do that.
You made it all so difficult .
Hey, come on, what are you
Look, don’t be an idiot , hold on a moment , okay?
I can’t .
Look, if you don’t mind it , I’d rather you didn’t mess around with miki out here in the open like that, okay?
What are you gonna do if she gets a bad reputation around the neighborhood .
It’s a good thing I got back from shopping when I did, huh?
I told you before, there’s a time and place for everything, think about it, see you around.
The jerk, it was just the right moment, he got in the way.
You bastard .
Not again
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Hey, where are you going?
Well, It’s just I
Oh, It’s not important .
Why did he stop us?
Could it be that he’s jealous ?
Just act like everything is okay and say nothing, you big idiot .

Yuu and Ginta, I like them both.
And they both mean so much to me, but then Arimi told me
Even if he does like you, I’ll never accept it, I won’t let you have him.

Marmalade Boy