Well Meiko, tomorrow both our parents will be returning from Hawaii, the past several days I spent with Yuu, were fun to some extent.
If you choose me over Matsuura, I promise, Arimi will never come between us. I promise you.
What a total surprise, I can’t believe Ginta said that stuff.
Now, what am I supposed to do?
How am I ever gonna find the answer?

Marmalade Boy

What am I gonna say to Ginta, if he sees me.
Miki, hi.
Miki, I really like you,
I can’t look Ginta straight in the face.
Miki, wait.
What do you think is wrong with her?
I see, now I understand why she felt so bad.
choose between Yuu and Ginta, all of a sudden I’m asked to make a decision but I don’t know how am I supposed to respond to that.
Me neither.
I’m confused
Paging Miss Koishikawa Please report to the faculty room immediately, Miss Ryouko needs to see you.
What do I do?
You want me to represent us in an invitational game?
I apologize.
It’s so sudden, there’s a faculty meeting that I have to attend today, I won’t be able to come to tennis practice
So, I decided I would like you know in advance.
Remember we had a match with the Sakaki school?
Ginta and Matsuura suggested we do the same thing with the girls’ teams.
The Sakaki school?
That’s the school Arimi goes to.
If you choose me over Y-, I promise, Arimi will never come between us.
Well I know what Ginta said to me, but I wonder what Arimi thinks?
Miki. Hey, are you listening?
What? Yeah.
I have more than enough to worry about with Ginta, and in addition to that, be a representative in an invitational game?
My brain is gonna explode.
Well, here I go.
I have to attend this tennis practice for the game.
Oh, that means I’m gonna have to see Ginta no matter what.
Don't run away.
Stop, this time, Don't run away from me.
Stop, this time, Don't run away.
I need to hear your answer and I’m not waiting any longer.
Well, I, that is…
My answer is…
Ginta, Please wait until after the invitational game’s over,
You wanna wait until the game is over?
Just a little more time, I just need a little longer, okay?
All right.
But afterwards, I need to know, I can’t wait any longer.
Miki, is the coffee ready yet?
Oh, no, what am I gonna do?
Miki. I’m surprised, don't you even know how to make a pot of coffee?
What’s wrong? It looks to me like you’re having problems with something.
What? No. it’s nothing, really.
We’re home.
Yeah, they’re back.
We had so much fun.
Welcome home.
We’re back.
Welcome home, so tell us, how was your trip to hawaii.
It was great.
It really was the best.
We have so many things we want to tell you about,
Well then, hurry up, we have a lot to tell you.
Wait, I’m coming
Come on, hurry up and grab a seat, Miki.
We had such a fabulous time on this vacation
I agree.
It may have even been better than the one before the divorce
Excuse me, are the two of you listening to us?
Yeah, we heard every word you said.
I’m worried to death about Ginta
You have no idea what I’m going though right now.
I’d have to say the best part of our stay was in Waikiki, A long walk on the beach lit by the setting sun,
It was so romantic
Hawaii’s so dazzling and dramatic.
We'll keep those memories forever
I’m going back to my room
Me too.
I could only take so much of their stories.
You think so?
I need some time to think my problems through.
Say, why don't you go see Meiko.
Have a little chat.
What for?
I don't know what is it that happened between you and Ginta, but she may be able to help you figure out whatever it is that’s been bothering you.
I’ll bet there’re a lot of things you two could find to talk about, it beats writing them in your diary.
It’s been a while since you’ve been to my house, Miki.
I’m very sorry to be barging in on you like this so late at night, Meiko.
Oh, It’s all right.
My parents have gone out for the evening
And the only other person here is the maid.
Besides, Matsuura called and he asked me to “please take good care of you”
He called?
It’s still early, why don't we have a nice, long chat tonight.
Yuu, he’s always gentle and kind without being forceful.
So you told Ginta you needed more time before you could answer him?
This may sound cruel, but it sounds like you’re avoiding a decision
I really think you’re just running away from what you’re gonna have to do.
Because if you do take more time, I think you’ll end up hurting Ginta anyway.
I guess you’re probably right, but I can’t choose either Yuu or Ginta over the other, I just don't know what I should do.
Oh, miki.
I’m so sorry, did I say something I shouldn't have?
Don't worry, it’s not your fault
It’s just that everything you said really is the truth.
Hey, why don't we get some sleep.
Are you feeling any better?
I sure do, I feel great.
Hey, stop it, don't be so rough.
Listen, I’m going to be your partner for the morning practice for the invitational game.
I’ll never forgive you if you lose, got it?
Sorry, did I upset you?
It’s welcome help.
That’s great.
Look at that, practicing so early in the morning.
And look at Miki, she’s playing great.
Your returns are starting to pick up some speed.
Are they?
Ginta can be a little forceful from time to time.
But that’s how he displays his gentleness.
Miki. Why are you acting like you’re so spaced out.
I’m concentrating, I’m doing “image training ” for tomorrow’s game.
Well you may call it “image training ”, but it looks to me like you’re probably just feeling pressure before the game, don't you think?
Some people are like that, you know. There’s nothing to worry about.
They can’t realize their full potential under strong pressure.
It was stupid of me to have thought even for a second that Yuu was considerate.
Well, tomorrow you’ll be on center stage for the first and last time in your life.
Maybe you should go buy a new tennis dress or something.
Center stage for the first and last time in my life, you’re so rude.
Come on, don't get upset, just get ready.
Come on, we’re going somewhere.
Wait, Yuu.
Whoa, look.
This is so cute.
This is cute too.
Oh, but this one is cuter.
Oh, this could even be cuter.
This one, too.
Well, I like this one, too.
This is cute.
Okay. Yuu, which one of these do you think is cuter?
This one here, or this one here?
Either one would look great on you.
You moron.
I thought we were just gonna go buy a tennis dress, boy, was I in for a surprise.
Hey, and Yuu. I’m getting hungry, let’s find a restaurant and get something good to eat.
I’m guessing I don't have a choice.
I’ll feed you as a celebration in advance of your defeat.
I’ll never be defeated.
Well, you probably won’t be, if you can stay this relax for the game huh?
Now I get it, Yuu brought me shopping so that I could take my mind off the game.
It’s hard to believe I felt suffocated earlier.
I can breathe more easily now.
Thank you.
Everyone came to cheer for me.
You’ll never lose as long as you play the way you played during practice with me.
You can do it.
Ginta, don't yell so loudly, you’re embarrassing me.
Hey. Ginta, don't be so optimistic.
When we played the boys’ invitational game, I lost, to you and Matsuura.
But that isn’t gonna happen this time.
I personally coached Fujibayashi so I can get my revenge.
She’ll be the winner of this game for sure.
No way, we’re gonna be the winners.
You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.
It’s not like you guys are competing against each other in the match.
Hey, Look, who’s that over there.
Isn’t he adorable?
For sure, he’s really cute.
Which one?
Hello, excuse me, what’s your name?
Hey, there, do you have a girlfriend?
Toryo service play.
Miki, do your best.
You better not lose, Fujibayashi.
If you lose, you’ll have to shave your head.
Hey, Arimi. Come and watch the tennis match with me, I just heard that there’s a totally cute guy cheering in the craft from Toryo high.
Did you say Toryo high?
Game and first set won by Toryo.
She’s winning..
Miki really seems to have a good eye for the ball.
Yes, I think it’s possible she can win this in straight sets.
Ginta. Yuu.
It’s Arimi.
Ginta. What are you doing here, how cruel you didn’t let me know you were coming to our school.
I’m sorry, I totally forgot.
Why are you two standing so close, get away from her.
Settle down, there’s no reason to talk to me like that.
So you’re sneaking around trying to go out on a date …
Second set. Service Sakaki.
Well then I’m just gonna give up on you, Miki, and go steady with Arimi
It’s all up to you, Miki.
That’s what Ginta said, but he might be happier going out with Arimi because she seems interested only in Ginta
Nice serve, Fujibayashi. Yeah.
What are you thinking about Miki?
If you do what you did during practice you should be able to handle a serve like that.
That’s right, I shouldn't be thinking about something else, I need to concentrate on the match right now.
If I don't focus, I’ll be rude to my friends who’ve all been so helpful to me.
Nice return.
Miki can do it, if she tries.
I need to win this game, and I need to give Ginta a decent answer
Game set and match won by Toryo high.
Yeah, she did it.
I did it. Yeah.
She did it, she did it.
She won in straight sets.
No, I lost again.
Miki did it, I knew she could, she’s the best.
Yeah, Miki.
I can’t believe you made me so nervous.
You know what, Miki, your biggest problem is that you lack the proper concentration.
Well, Excuse me,
Miki, I’m so excited that you won the game.
All you have left to do is give Ginta the answer.
Ginta, you still have some spare time, right?
Why don’t you come by my house for a while.
If you’re going, then I’m going with you.
You are not going anywhere. so back off.
that’s so cruel.
Arimi, I’m
don’t worry, don't worry, come on.
hey, I’m coming.
Miki, hurry up.
Miki, Are you coming?
Uh… Sure.

I like Ginta very much, but I like Yuu too.
I could never let myself go steady with Ginta, and still be so wishy-washy with my feelings.
To be honest, I don't want Arimi to tack Ginta away from me.
But that’s just being selfish
So …

Marmalade Boy