I’m not… I…I didn’t mean.
Well, you seem like you’re healthy enough to me, I guess you’re gonna be fine.
He only carried me to bed in order to take care of me because I fainted.
But I … I slapped him.
I can’t believe he saw me like that.
What am I gonna do? I’ll never be able to look him in the face again.

Marmalade Boy

Hey? Huh?
Geeze, what are you pouting about, today?
I’m not upset, after I totally embarrassed myself, I just don't know how to act toward him.
Well, then I guess what I need to do is make you a delicious breakfast to put the Princess back in a good mood again.
Hey, it’s just about to ready.
You’re gonna eat breakfast, aren’t you?
Yuu didn’t say anything about last night, I wonder if maybe he’s just being sensitive, but it’s sort of awkward.
Hello, Koishikawa residence.
Hi, Miki.
Chiyako, hello.
Listen dear, we forgot that today was Yuu’s birthday, would you please say “happy birthday ” to him for us, bye-bye.
Who is that?
It was Chiyako, she said “to say happy birthday from all of them”.
That’s nice, well, I guess she didn’t forget after all.
Is today really your birthday Yuu?
Gosh, you should have told me, I had no idea.
What a horrible selfish parents to go out on a vacation and forget all about their son’s birthday.
But birthdays really aren’t a big deal to me.
How can you say that, Yuu, your birthday only comes once a year.
Yeah, I know, what about it?
You just don't understand.
There’s no reason to spend the day doing nothing, let’s have a birthday party tonight, I’ll cook, just the two of us.
What? No, thanks, I’m not a kid anymore.
Besides, you really think it’s safe to eat your cooking?
Fine, then I’ll go and buy us some ready-made stuff for dinner.
But it’s a special day, we have to do something.
All right, go ahead, do whatever you want.
Fine, I will.
I can make decent sandwiches. I’ll start with that.
Could I have a pound of fried chicken, please? and how about some of this potato salad, too.
Okay, I just need to stop by a bakery on the way home.
Homemade cake Corner.
Whoa! It’s all so cute. I really wish I knew how to use all these things to bake a cake myself.
Cake mix?
All you need to do is mix the ingredients, anyone can bake a cake easily and successfully.
Is that really true?
Wow, that’s awesome.
You’ve become a great cook, Miki.
Okay, I’m gonna try it.
I know I shouldn't give him a present but I guess it would be all right to wish him a “happy birthday”.
Where’s Yuu? Isn’t he working today?
No, their parents went on a trip yesterday, he didn’t think it was good to leave Miki at home alone.
And that means Yuu and Miki were in that house all by themselves last night.
So he won’t be back until their parents come home from their trip.
There, fabulous job if I do say so myself.
Now, all I need is for the cake to finish baking.
I did it.
I baked my first cake.
Why, why! I followed all these instructions perfectly, what? Don't open the oven until the cake cools down? Stupid me. the only way to hide it is to put a thick coat of icing on it and disguise it with toppings
I did it. I did it!
So it’s ready?
Let me see.
Don't come in.
You can’t see it until I finish setting everything up, okay?
Please, not yet.
All right then, if that’s what little Miss Princess orders.
There, I think I’m ready.
Yuu, come downstairs in exactly 10 minutes.
All right.
Since it’s a special party for just the two of us, I think I should dress up,
Well, it is a special day.
I wonder if Yuu will notice tonight.
Time to go.
Huh? Whoa!
Hey! It’s really kind of nice, isn’t it? Wow!
Really? I think I did a pretty job too, if I do say so myself.
Although the cake is a little flat,
Yeah, well I think you did very well in your own way.
Blow the candles on the cake, Yuu.
Happy birthday.
I think the light from the candles is beautiful, don’t you?
It’s mesmerizing
That was pretty straightforward for him.
What’s wrong?
Why is he staring at me instead of the candles?
Oh, how stupid of me, I just can’t believe it, I forgot to get you a birthday present.
Please, Miki, I don’t want you to worry about it.
This dinner is a great present.
What? Who can that be this late?
Who is it?
Happy birthday.
Oh, no, Miki, it’s only you.
You make me waste my party crackers.
Arimi. Ginta.
Evening, Miki, we thought we’d come surprise you.
What are you two doing here?
Ginta and I were on a date when I remembered that today was your birthday, so we decided to stop by and say hi because we are still friends.
Are we intruding?
No, Not really, come on in, Miki prepared all kinds of stuff but I don't think just the two of us can finish eating it all.
Oh, great, I guess that’s the end of my party for two.
It’s just the two of you? Where are your parents?
They’re gone, they all went away on a little vacation.
What? No way, then it’s just the two of you all alone in this house?
That is so wrong.
We’re just fine, please don't think that we have done anything weird because we haven’t
Not a thing.
Get over here, Matsuura.
But Ginta.
Oh, No. I wonder if I should have told Ginta that they were all alone in this house together.
Stop it, man, that hurts.
Tell me, what’s going on, you haven’t done anything to Miki, have you?
I haven’t done anything to her.
Well, listen to me, if you do anything weird to Miki, I won’t hesitate to
Exactly what do you mean by something weird?
Well, I mean if … you know.
Well, unless you clarify it for me, I wouldn’t know what it is.
So what are you telling me not to do?
Well, if, if, you and, it’s just..
If you…uh… it’s a… what?
Come on, just say it.
Geeze, how come you have to be so mean, all I want you to say is that you won’t do anything, that’s what I want to hear okay?
Come on, just say it, will you?
You know, this guy is pretty fun to tease.
I’m glad we showed up when we did, it would’ve been too late if something had already happened between them, now it’s probably a good idea to start stirring things up big time.
So, you and Ginta, you were out on a date?
Yeah, that’s right, we were together all day long.
After lunch, we went for a walk, then we went window-shopping and then we talked at a coffee shop.
I had such a great time.
Oh, really.
Actually, I called him just a little while ago, and we came straight here.
Oh, I don't know what it is, but whenever I hear about Ginta and Arimi being together, I get a little irritated.
We have so many visitors today.
Who is it?
Huh? What are you doing here?
Do we have more guests?
Hey. What kind of greeting is that?
You guys are all pretty rude.
Sorry, I couldn’t hide my true feelings.
Tsutomu . What do you think you are doing here anyway?
To tell you the truth, I happened to see Arimi and Ginta on the train, I couldn’t help following you guys, then you went into this house, so I peeked through a window and saw there was a set for a party.
You guys are so cold, you all know how much I love Arimi, why didn’t you even think of inviting me to your stinky party?
This was Yuu’s birthday party, and it was only for him and me, just the two of us,
Oh, How cute, Miki.
Oh, thanks. Most of it I bought, but I tried my best to put them on the plates nicely.
Well, it all looks very nice and delicious.
Hey. This cake looks kind of crooked, doesn’t it?
Miki went through so much trouble for Matsuura’s birthday.
Well then, why don’t we all begin.
Great idea, but first, let’s toast the birthday boy,
Yuu, congratulations and happy birthday.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Thank you everybody, thank you very much.
To Matsuura.
That was delicious.
But I see that most of the food was store-bought, right?
So, Miki, why don’t we cut the cake, now?
Sure, would you mind getting the plates and forks?
Yeah, sure.
But I thought that this was Miki’s house.
Why does Yuu know where the forks and plates are?
Well, I guess you didn't see the signs on the gate.
This place is my home too, I live here.
Don’t tell me you guys are shaking up together?
Hey, that wasn’t very funny.
Why do you even say stupid things like that, their parents live here.
When did you guys turn against me?
Then the two families are living in one house together?
But why, are you guys relatives?
It’s not important.
It’s too much trouble to try to explain.
Just ask Ginta.
Well, it’s too much trouble for me to explain too.
Why do we have to tell you everything?
It’s none of your stupid business anyway
What? Why am I the only one who’s getting left out of this?
You’re too cruel.
You talk way too much, just keep quite.
Oh. And you really call yourself my cousin?
Hey, don't bring up cousins only when it’s convenient.
That’s right.
These guys are staring to give me a headache.
Me too,
Why did it turn into this?
A, how can you even say such a thing?
Come on, now guys, since we’re all here, let’s not fight, okay, let’s all just try to get along.
Hey, why don’t we sit down and play a game of cards.
I’ll go get a deck, it’ll just take a few minutes
I wonder why I’m being so nice to them?
Let’s see, I think I put them in my drawer.
I know they’re in here somewhere.
Here they are.
So this is your room?
It’s way more feminine than I imagined it would be.
Stop, Ginta, don’t.
You idiot, don't come in my room without asking.
So, I saw inside your bedroom
I mean geeze, what’s the big deal?
Well, because you embarrassed me.
My bedroom is messy.
What about Matsuura?
What about him? What are you talking about, Ginta?
I’m sure Matsuura has been in your bedroom before, hasn’t he?
Well, yes, because he’s part of the family, so of course there’re times when that could happen.
Is that perfume you’re wearing?
What? No, not really, it’s just some cologne Chiyako gave to me.
So is that for Matsuura ?
I wanna go in there one more time. Move on.
What do you think you’re doing?
Ginta, Get out of here.
If you really want to see a girl’s room, then you should talk to Arimi.
There’s nothing between us.
You’re lying.
You see her from time to time, don’t you?
Just like today.
If you tell me not to see her, I won’t see her anymore.
If you choose me, I promise you that she’ll never come between us?
But if that’s just not possible, I’m gonna give up on you and go steady with her.
It’s all up to you, now.

What? I have to represent our school for an invitational tennis match?
What should I do, on top of all the headaches and worries about love, I need to play tennis for the school?
Besides, the other team is Arimi’s school,
My brain is getting really scramble now.

Marmalade Boy