Narrator: In the year 845, the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan suddenly appeared and destroyed one of humanity's walls and everyday life with it.
And then, finally freed from their century-long hunger, the Titans overran humankind once again.

Eren: Stop!

Narrator: Humanity abandoned Wall Maria, lost 20% of its population and one-third of its territory, and was forced to retreat behind Wall Rose.

Two Years After Join The Cadets.

Keith: Pick up the pace! Run, you lead-footed laggards! What's your problem, Arlelt?!
You're dragging your feet! Too heavy for you?!
Maybe you'd prefer I let you drop your gear?!
If this were a real mission, you'd be Titan food by now!

Armin: Damn...

Reiner: Give it here! You're gonna fail out at this rate! We're being graded today!

Armin: But you'll get points marked off too if you do that...

Reiner: Then make the grade without getting found out! Before I change my mind!

Keith: Reiner Braun Stalwart in both mind and body, and well-respected by his comrades.

Armin: I refuse to be a burden! Even if it costs me my life!

Keith: Armin Arlelt. Although lacking in physical strength, his aptitude in the classroom is extraordinary.
Annie Leonhart. Her slice attacks are absolutely flawless, but her reclusive tendencies make her a poor fit for coordinated efforts.
Bertholdt Hoover. He possesses remarkable potential, but lacks aggressiveness.
Jean Kirschtein. Top-class omni-directional mobility. But his volatile personality tends to cause friction with others.

Jean: I can't slice as good as those two! I'll just have to find the Titans before them!
If anyone gets into the Military Police it'll be me!

Connie: Thanks for the help, Jean!
Following you was a good idea!

Sasha: Hooray!

Keith: Sasha Braus. She has unconventionally good intuition, but also demonstrates poor teamwork as a result.
Conny Springer. He excels at executing quick turns, but is also a bit dim-witted.

Instructor 1: Here they come.

Eren: Damn! Shallower than Mikasa again!

Keith: Mikasa Ackermann. Completely proficient in every area. It's apt to say she's an unmatched, unprecedented genius.
Eren Jaeger. He has no real specialties, but he's improved his grades with his unparalleled effort. And he possesses twice the sense of purpose than anyone else.

Reiner: Oww!

Eren: Sorry. I'm not good at holding back.

Reiner: Now it's your turn to be the rogue.
What's the matter?

Eren: I don't get this training.
Why would soldiers fight other people? Only an idiot would take on a target barehanded.

Reiner: That's irresponsible thinking.
We're soldiers. There are times we can't run away, no matter how bad the situation is.
No matter what the enemy is, we have to be ready for it, whether it means using cannons or combat techniques.
I believe that's the responsibility of a strong soldier.
Anyway, look there.

Eren: Oh, that's Annie.
She's slacking off without the commandant noticing again.

Reiner: All right, Eren. That slouch needs a talking-to. Let's teach her how a soldier's supposed to act.

Annie: Huh?

Reiner: Not fond of the commandant's head-butts? If you don't wanna end up any shorter, think back to when you first came here and start taking things seriously.

Eren: Hey, why are you being so rude?
Man, she's mad.
I thought she looked scary enough as it is, but that's nothing compared to when she's pissed.

Reiner: All right! Get started, Eren!

Eren: Me?!
You know the drill, right, Annie?
Here I come!
Wh-What the?! She kicked my leg?!

Annie: Can I go now?

Annie: No! The drill's not over until you take the dagger!

Eren: Wait, Annie!
You're supposed to do this a certain way!

Annie: There.
Now it's your turn to attack me.

Reiner: N-No I'm not--

Eren: Do it, Reiner.
I thought you wanted to teach her about a soldier's responsibility?

Reiner: Yeah. Sometimes a soldier can't back down.
This is one of those times!

Eren: That's an amazing technique.
Who did you learn it from?

Annie: My father.

Eren: Your dad came up with that move?

Annie: What does it matter?
There's no point to any of this.

Eren: You mean this training?

Annie: We aren't graded on our hand-to-hand combat skills.
Most people brush it off, like them.
Because only the top ten cadets are allowed to join the Military Police and serve in the interior.
The only ones who take it seriously are naive idiots like you or just ordinary idiots.

Connie: Crap! The commandant!

Annie: For some reason, in this world, the better you are at fighting Titans the further you can get from them.
How do you think this farce came about?

Eren: I don't know...That's a good question!

Annie: Maybe because it's human nature?
Anyway, I refuse to be stupid enough to play "Soldier" in this inane world.

Reiner: Looks like you're not much of a warrior at all.

Eren: I was so caught up in getting stronger that I never realized it.
It's such a clear contradiction
They're honing their Titan-killing skills just to get away from the Titans!

Armin: It can't be helped.
Before Wall Maria fell, only the Scouts needed omni-directional mobility, and they're a small regiment.
That put ODM expertise at risk

Jean: Give it a strong blast for just a second.

Armin: so this was a way to prevent its decline.

Jean: Relying on inertia will save you gas.

Samuel: Easier said than done.

Jean: Yeah, maybe not everyone can pull it off but there's no harm in knowing about it, if you wanna join the Military Police.

Marco: Yeah! I'd love to get in! Working near the king There's no greater honor than that!

Jean: Hold on, Marco! Quit talkin' like a goody-two-shoes and say what you really think! You wanna join the Military Police 'cause it means a safe, comfy life in the interior!

Marco: No! I really do want to

Eren: It's comfy in the interior?
Until five years ago, this used to be the interior too.

Jean: What's your point, Eren?

Eren: Jean. You don't need to go to the interior.
I'd say your head is nice and spacious enough as it is.

Jean: You little...

Eren: Honing your Titan-killing skills to get away from the Titans... Doesn't that seem like a weird system to you?

Jean: You only say that now?
I want that stupid system to stay in place, for my sake.

Eren: You piece of scum!

Eren: Shut up! This is the real world!

Armin: Eren! Quit it!

Mikasa: Stop that.

Jean: Screw you!

Eren: Huh?!
Let go! You're gonna rip it!

Jean: I don't give a damn about your clothes! You pissed me off!

Eren: Huh?! What are you talking about?!
I see now...
He always has to take his feelings out on others
Just like I always do. But not this time!
I'm going to use that move to take control of the situation!

Jean: What the hell was that?!

Eren: A combat technique I learned the hard way while you were screwing around.
A carefree, capricious life is your idea of the real world? And you honestly call yourself a soldier?!

Keith: I heard a loud sound just now
Would anyone care to explain?

Mikasa: It was Sasha.
She passed gas.

Sasha: Huh?!

Keith: You again?
Learn some decency, will you?!

Narrortor: 218 Cadets went on to reach graduation.

Instructor 2: Give your hearts!

Cadets: Yes, Sir!

Instructor 2: You have three options after you graduate from the Cadets today!
The Garrison Regiment, which reinforces the walls and protects each city!
The Scout Regiment, which risks life and limb to venture into Titan territory outside the walls!
And the Military Police Regiment, which serves under the king by policing the people and preserving order! Of course, the only ones allowed to join the Military Police are the top ten cadets who were previously named!

Eren: We've finally made it here Now it's our turn to devour the Titans!

Connie: Yes! Now I'm gonna be in the Military Police!

Sasha: No more worrying about food!

Jean: How'd I get ranked under Eren?!

Thomas: Are you seriously not gonna join the Military Police Regiment, Eren?!

Samuel: Even after you got into the top ten and all?!

Eren: My mind was set from the very start.
I didn't train all this time to live in the interior.
I did it to fight the Titans.

Thomas: We can't beat them!
You know how many tens of thousands of people have been eaten so far
The answer was clear after we lost 20% of our population.
Humanity can't beat the Titans.

Eren: So? You're gonna give up because you think we can't win?!
Well...Yes, humanity has lost so far.
That's because we were clueless about the Titans! Material warfare is useless against them.
We lost, but the information we gained in battle will lead to further hope! Are we just going to throw away all the advances in fighting techniques that cost us tens of thousands of lives so we can be Titan fodder?!
The hell with that! I'm going to drive out every last Titan and leave these cramped walls! That's my dream! Humanity hasn't truly been defeated yet!

Armin: Wait, Eren!

Jean: If you wanna go outside the walls, be my guest!
I'm gonna join the Military Police!

Armin: Eren. That stuff about your dream just now

Eren: Yeah, I borrowed those ideas of yours about going outside instead of staying inside.

Armin: I'm going to join the Scout Regiment!

Eren: Are you serious, Armin?!

You were the top in classroom studies! You should put that to use!

Armin: I won't be a burden. Even if it costs me my life.

Mikasa: I'll join the Scouts too.

Eren: Hey! You graduated top of the class! You should join the Military Police!

Eren: If you join the Military Police, then I will too.
If you join the Garrison Regiment, then I will too.
Because you'll die an early death unless I'm around.

Eren: I never asked for your help.

Mikasa: I don't want to lose any more of my family.

Civilian 1: It's here! The main unit of the Scout Regiment!

Civilian 2: Commander Erwin! Give those Titans a real thrashing!

Civilian 3: Look! It's Captain Levi!

Civilian 4: They say he's as mighty as an entire brigade!

Levi: Ugh. Talk about annoying

Eren: This is nothing like five years ago! People actually feel hopeful about the Scout members!

Hanna: Yeah, everyone's cheered up since then. Nothing's happened in five years.

Franz: They've upgraded the mounted cannons too. I doubt the Colossal Titan will show up anymore.

Hanna: Yeah!

Eren: That's a load of crap, you idiotic couple!

Hanna: Wh-What? Us, a married couple?

Franz: You're getting ahead of yourself, Eren!

Hannes: Hey, guys!

Eren: Mr. Hannes!

Hannes: Heard you graduated yesterday. Man, you brats have really matured.

Eren: You too, Mr. Hannes! You used to be a drunk, but now you're chief of the Corps of Engineers.

Hannes: Oh, you! I'm sorry I couldn't save your mom.

Eren: It wasn't your fault.
We're not ignorant anymore.
We won't let another tragedy like that happen. We will defeat the Titans!

Hannes: I don't know if I should be happy that you've grown up or not...Don't go dyin', now.

Eren: Huh?! You're joining the Scouts?!
Conny! You were so set on the Military Police!

Conny: Yeah, I was! But...

Mina: Sounds like your speech yesterday won him over!

Eren: Huh?!

Conny: M-Mind your own business! I decided it on my own!

Thomas: Don't be so embarrassed.
You're not the only one.

Eren: Thomas... You don't mean?

Sasha: Umm, everyone? I brought some meat from the officers' storehouse!

Eren: Sasha! Do you want to end up in solitary confinement?!

Samuel: You really are crazy!

Conny: So much it's scary

Sasha: We can all share it later
All sliced up, and between some bread

Conny: Go put it back!

Mina: Yeah!
After we lost all that land, meat's become really valuable.

Sasha: It'll be fine!
We can just raise more cattle and sheep once we retake our land!

Samuel: I'll have some of the meat too!

Conny: M-Me too! Save me some!

Mina: I'll have some too, of course!

Eren: Guys...

Samuel: Why are you just standing there, Eren?
We'll get found out if we don't get back to work!

Mina: Lunch isn't for a while!

Eren: Five years have passed since then... Humanity is finally regaining its dignity.
We can win!
Humanity's fight back is just beginning!
Oww! Hot!
Wh-What the?!

Conny: Samuel!

Mina: Sasha!

Sasha: Samuel!
Stay still!

Eren: That was close!

Thomas: The wall...
It's broken!

Conny: It's happening again!
The Titans are going to get in!

Eren: I'm going to drive out...every last one!
Mounted Cannon Maintenance Squad 4!
Prepare for battle! The target is the Colossal Titan dead ahead!
This is our chance! Don't let it get away!
Hey, there. It's been five years since we met.